MusicTalk with Sarah Mary Chadwick

arty Duda talks to Sarah Mary Chadwick, a Kiwi singer-songwriter now based in Melbourne. Her new album, Me And Ennui Are Friends Baby, is out tomorrow on Rice Is Nice Records.

Comprised entirely of minimal solo piano arrangements, Ennui is despondently clear-eyed and smirkingly self-deprecating, completing a trilogy of records that started with ‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’ and her only outing to date featuring a full band, ‘Please Daddy’.

Each record has followed Chadwick’s internal processing after a traumatic event, with Chadwick’s zeal for psychoanalysis front and centre. On Ennui, Chadwick presents an exacting intensity with her choice to pare back to piano and vocals. It’s in this stark setting that she focuses on the attempt she made on her life in 2019.

“Completing a trilogy of thematically linked records, ‘Every Loser Needs A Mother’ splits the difference between the full-band immediacy of this year’s Please Daddy and last year’s bracingly confessional The Queen Who Stole The Sky.” – PAPER

“Chadwick has discussed the immense pain of grief, the weight of religious symbology, the inner workings of Lacanian psychoanalysis, and the ways that watching Friends makes her think of her own mortality…the thoughtful way she dwells on them shows the kind of thinker and songwriter she is, with a sparse, quiet way of tackling grand philosophical concerns.” – Pitchfork