Natalie Price – All We Need: New Song Of The Day

Natalie Price has released her new song, All We Need. The Austin-based singer/songwriter has a new album on the way September 29th.

Natalie Price“Somedays you never know what hits you in the face. Was it love? Was it allergies or falling out of grace?” Natalie Price‘s music is catchy melodies and smooth, clear vocals, with a quirkiness weaved into her lyrics—as evidenced in the opening lines of “All We Need,” out today. The song describes how surprising hard times can be when they spring upon us, and is a reminder that while a common thread between us all is that they happen to everyone, what we all really need is love.

Natalie Price (Sept. 29) explores complex emotions and experiences through relatable, confessional tales. “All We Need” follows “Superstitious,” which examines a familiar cause for uneasiness—how technology designed to make our lives easier often brings a lot of anxiety—as well as “Done,” featuring Stephanie Lambring. The song is a reflection on the end of a relationship, but it also tells a story about struggling with the assumptions people make about a person of faith. Price sings, “And you think that I’m a robot programmed from my youth, that I don’t make my choices or consider other views / But the truth is that I got a little drunk last night and lost all of my clothes…” 

Natalie PriceProduced by Mary Bragg, Price’s self-titled full-length debut is written in the singularly authentic manner that has garnered her recognition around Austin as one of the city’s most up-and-coming singer-songwriters; which is to say, it’s full of gems.

The majority of the record, which features Austin-based singer-songwriter David Ramirez and Lang Freeman (Sounds Under Radio), as well, was written during the height of the pandemic, with Price cooped up in her room, but the recording process was a little different, noting the relaxed experience of fresh biscuits and jam every morning, and all the permission she needed to feel emotionally open.

Bragg says, “The first time I heard Natalie play ‘The Island,’ I was struck by her resonant voice; she had a way of approaching melody that was wildly original and quirky. It was an incredibly life-giving challenge to serve her songs as they were born into the recorded world. Raucous yet crystalline; honest yet philosophical; optimistic yet heartbreaking. What else can you ask for?”

“The Island” was composed on the Kalimba, and the recording offers a stark, dreamy vibe, with just the isntrument and vocals (Bragg also sings on the song).

Natalie PriceThe opening line to “All We Need,” featuring Jaimee Harris on background vocals, draws the listener in immediately. “Some days you never know what hits you in the face / Was it love, was it allergies, or falling out of grace?” The song goes on to explore the divisions we feel in the current cultural climate, and how that flame is fanned by disinformation. “Some days you think you’ve heard the truth instead of lies / and then the light shines through the darkness and fiction’s all you find.

Natalie Price

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Price’s early exposure to music was mainly church gospel tunes and contemporary Christian radio. Looking back, she describes her writing as a reaction to the shiny, glossy, Christian culture songs she was surrounded by; “Christian music tends to get tied up with a perfect bow at the end,” she says, “But that’s not how life actually is. Not everything gets resolved.”

When Price moved to Austin, she found a community of musicians and songwriters who showed her that playing music could actually be a real profession. “I always had the drive to play music,” says Price, “but my family never really understood what I would do with that. So I initially had a hard time wrapping my head around it too.”

Price names Muse, First Aid Kit, Pedro the Lion and David Ramirez among her influences, which makes sense when you hear her Indie-Americana style, which she cleverly calls “Ameri-kinda.”

“I believe we’re all longing for connection,” she says of the album. “Honesty and vulnerability are the scariest first step in building bridges between us in the human existence— but no one wants to go first. That’s what I’ve attempted to do in this album – offer an honest look at some experiences in my life, including the shadows, in the hopes that listeners will begin to do the same in theirs.”

Natalie Price Track Listing:

  1. Done (feat. Stephanie Lambring)
    2. The Island (feat. Mary Bragg)
    3. All We Need (feat. Jaimee Harris)
    4. Give A Damn (feat. Lang Freeman)
    5. I Couldn’t See
    6. Superstitious
    7. What We Daydream Now (feat. David Ramirez)
    8. In My Dreams
    9. Don’t Give Up On Me
    10. See You Again

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