New Heavy Metal

Nuclear Blast dropped a bunch of new heavy metal videos on us – and we handed them off to resident metalhead Benjamin Morley for his opinion.


Here’s the best they have for the start of 2020 – a mix of well known and loved acts and a few new names. Lets see how it sounds!

Machine Head – Circle the Drain
Machine Head has always struck me as a band that immensely struggled to break away from their roots. Circle the Drain is no exception. The song begins with a chorus which would not be out of place on an album from mid era Linkin Park, even Puddle of Mud. Production aside, this song reeks of 2004. They have borrowed heavily from Slipknot, not in a good way. The ending features the bands frontman Robert Flynn screaming ‘get the fuck away from me’. Honestly, at this point I think Machine Head are guessing what metal fans would enjoy.

Amaranthe – Do or Die
Whenever I hear heavy saw tooth style synths in metal I instantly think of a European sound. Amaranthe’s new track Do or Die is a classic example. The track is incredibly clean, polished to hell and back. Do or Die also Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy fame. She left the band in 2014 and hasn’t been heard of since, until she appeared on this track. I can’t recall why she left the band but it couldn’t have been to do with her voice because she sounds fantastic. The musicianship on Do or Die is top notch. It’s groovy, epic, and if honest, pretty cheesy. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of cheese every now and again.

Hatebreed – When the Blade Drops
Hatebreed haven’t changed much over the years. They found something that worked for them and stuck to it. I can respect that provided the writing is still on point, in this case, it’s pretty close. Long-time vocalist Jamey Jasta still sounds just as good as he did on their earlier albums. When the Blade Drops features a guitar solo and a lead line in the chorus, which is something I’ve not heard from them before. Its reminiscent of a Slayer solo with a bit more melody. With this in mind, I’m not convinced they are able to pull off this much melody with Jasta as their powerhouse frontman. What would a Hatebreed song be without a breakdown? This one rips.

Heart of Gold – See Through 
What would happen if Justin Beiber turned it up to 11 and had the same writers from Hillsong?

Korpiklaani are a Finnish folk metal outfit sporting chunky ass guitars, a fiddle, an accordion, and massive beards. Their latest single is Birre Birre, translating to Beer Beer. Its fast, fiercely metal, and a whole load of fun. The term ‘pirate metal’ comes to mind.

~Benjamin Morley