New Music Friday: 13th Floor New Album Picks: June 2, 2023

New Music Friday is here and so are we to bring you five new albums, released today, that we think deserve your attention.

There are some big names with new releases today…Bob Dylan, Foo Fighters, Avenged Sevenfold…so Marty has chosen five new titles that shouldn’t get lost in the shuffle.

The 13th Floor’s Marty Duda has chosen these 5 new albums for your consideration released today:

  1. Jazmine MaryJazmine MaryDog Second album from this Kiwi up and comer. Jazmine Mary won’t tell you what the album is about or why this album is called Dog. They could well be hiding something from us, but the more probable reason is that they are a responsible artist and know it’s not for them to tell you how to experience what they already have.

2.Baxter Dury Baxter DuryI Thought I Was Better Than You (Heavenly) Ian Dury’s son! Here’s what Baxter has to say: “It’s about being trapped in an awkward place between something you’re actually quite good at, and somebody else’s success.” That ‘somebody else’ being his dad, Ian Dury. As one of the album centrepieces – Shadow – agonisingly puts it: “But no one will get over that you’re someone’s son/Even though you want to be like Frank Ocean/But you don’t sound like him, you sound just like Ian.”

3. The Hard-OnsRipper ’23 (Cheersquad) Their 14th studio long-player, Ripper ’23 is just their second with new kid and You Am I ringleader, Tim Rogers, out front, joining lifers Ray Ahn, Peter Black and Murray Ruse, but their first with Rogers as a fully integrated member, contributing to songwriting and arrangements. The difference is palpable, and the album will be an absolute treat to the ears of fans old, new and indifferent. Watch for the 13th Floor Interview.

4 . Tanya Tucker- Sweet Western Sound (Fantasy) Produced once again by Brandi Carlile and Shooter Jennings. Sweet Western Sound is another revelation and I’m excited to see what folks think of our new endeavor,” says Tanya. “It’s ALWAYS a trip working with Brandi and Shooter. I didn’t know if we’d be working together again on a new album after While I’m Livin’!! But we did it! Lots of new things we did this time, and I even co-wrote some of the songs, which means a lot to me. Brandi says we’re MAGIC together, and I’m starting to believe her!!!!”

5Bully. BullyLucky For You (Sub Pop) Fourth album from this Sub Pop Superstar. The 10-track album combines punk grit, crunchy shoegaze bliss, and an explosive Britpop bop, all mixed in with the classic anthems Bully is known for.