New Music Friday: 13th Floor New Album Picks: November 10, 2023

New Music Friday is here again! As always, there are plenty of cool new releases to sort through. Here are the 13th Floor’s Top 5 picks for today.

The 13th Floor’s Marty Duda picks these five new releases for your consideration:

  1. Erny BelleErny BelleNot Your Cupid (Flying Nun) It’s Erny’s second album and we think you should hear it. Not Your Cupid is Erny Belle’s Te Ao Mārama era; “It’s more about the future & imagining than painting scenes of life around me. Less narrative, more cryptic, less thought, more intuition. Plucked from the clouds or stars somewhere & brought to life by many talented hands.” reveals Belle.

2. Chris StapletonChris StapletonHigher (Mercury/Nashville) Stapleton is not saying much to the public about what to expect from the album, what the inspirations behind the album are, or anything else. Instead he’s allowing the music to speak for itself, which has put him in his current position, including being the reigning Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year. Click here to read the 13th Floor Album Review.

3. Cat PowerCat Power Sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert (Domino) Recorded November 5, 2022 at London’s Royal Albert Hall, we find Chan Marshall delivering a song-for-song recreation of one of the most fabled and transformative live sets of all time. “More than the work of any other songwriter, Dylan’s songs have spoken to me, and inspired me since I first began hearing them at 5 years old,” said Marshall.

4.Like A Doll Like A DollLike A Doll (12347) New music from Brooklyn’s Emma Stacher “The name “Like a Doll” comes from the anxiety of feeling like a doll. I wanted to turn this sensation which comes from a traumatic childhood into something positive,” says Emma. “I call it whimsical dissociation. I felt the need to reclaim my inner child and lean into being childlike in a way that I wasn’t able to. I push into that lyrically through nursery rhyme-like phrases, chords that evoke the sound of a question, and sounds that pull you out of the present into a journey. I want my music to bring you to a place where you can be contemplative, meditative and safe.” Watch for the 13th Floor interview!

RobinsonRobinsonChasing Nirvana EP (self) , Nelson-born pop sensation Robinson marks a milestone today with the release of her sophomore EP. “This is part one of a three part story,” explains Robinson. “This EP is the moment before the realisation that things are not as they appear to be… which will come in the next EP!”