New Music Friday: 13th Floor New Album Picks: November 3, 2023 (Kiwi Edition)

Its New Music Friday again and there so much good stuff be released today we’ve got two editions for you. This is the all Kiwi version starring Mermaidens and 4 others. Watch for the international edition following soon.

The 13th Floor’s Marty Duda picks these five new releases for your consideration:

  1. MermaidensMermaidensMermaidens (Self) Its Mermaidens’ fourth album and we couldn’t be happier. This one is co-produced by Samuel Flynn-Scott who says, “Working with Mermaidens was very rewarding. My role as producer became more like the role of caretaker, funnelling all their ideas together. I love three piece bands, especially ones who’ve been playing together since they were young. There’s a symbiotic nature to the music, and there is always this suave where, even if the music is pummelling there is still room for the songs to breathe. I learnt a lot from the album and I’m so proud of what they have made.”

2. Grayson GilmourGrayson GilmourHolding Patterns (Flying Nun) More new music from Wellington! Here’s what Grayson has to say about making his 4th Flying Nun album: “Music has always been a form of escapism for me – a remedy of sorts – it always fulfills something that my life or surroundings can’t. I guess while I was tip-toeing around a sleeping baby during the pandemic lockdowns, what I really wanted to do was be loud! Luckily, I could channel this energy into my music.”

3. SanoiSanoiEchoes Of Home (Loop) German electronica artist Sanoi now calls New Zealand home. The folks at Loop tell us, The album itself is very reminiscent of Bonobo, and exists in that electronic world. It’s an album that feels just at home if you’re listening at 9am for a nice quiet listen, or blasting at 9pm through a massive sound system. Click here to watch an interview and live performance by Sanoi recorded at The 13th Floor. 

4.Imperial April Imperial AprilImperial April (Self) Actually released on Wednesday, but we won’t hold that against them. Its been quite a journey says front woman Victoria Knopp, “Versions of this album have been floating around on harddrives and CD-Rs for what feels like an eternity. It’s kind of hard to remember that putting my voice front and centre on anything felt so alien, but it was a huge mental hurdle. Between the pandemic making live shows unpredictable, producing and playing for other bands, and life just doing what it does, we blinked and 3 years had passed.”

5.Crash Crash – Crash (Failsafe) Failsafe Records are proud to bring you the definitive ‘lost’ album by Auckland indie rock band Crash. An album that would have made a splash if it was released at the time of recording (1996) but still shines brightly in today’s reinvigorated indie scene. Better late than never!