New Song Of The Day: Alice Phoebe Lou – Dirty Mouth

A sunny little tune with a bit of a dark edge… today’s new song comes from Alice Phoebe Lou and it’s called Dirty Mouth.

Watch the video for the song, it almost looks like it was shot on the beach in New Zealand. Actually Alice Phoebe Lou is in South Africa. Dirty Mouth is taken from her upcoming album, Glow, due March 19th. Here’s what Alice has to say about Dirty Mouth:

Alice Phoebe Lou

“’Dirty Mouth’ is an upbeat punk banger with a badass attitude begging you to dance around your room naked and scream out what you really feel. The words are written from an uninhibited, no bullshit, part of myself that I often hide with manners, pleasantries & politeness. It’s a big smiling middle finger to the men that have pulled me down, used me & hurt me in ways that took me years to heal. Asking for what I want. Saying how I feel. Not holding back.”