New Song Of The Day: Art d’Ecco – Head Rush

I’m in the mood for glam! And so we bring you this new song/video from Art d’Ecco called Head Rush.

Art d'EccoGlam-rocker Art d’Ecco is about to release his second album, titled In Standard Definition. In the meantime, here’s what he has to say about Head Rush:

“Nostalgia is a powerful drug; it distorts and reframes the past, often reconciling our memories into one place for easy access and to better suit our current disposition or state of mind,” he explained. “I wanted all the hallmarks of a classic rock song — the kind of music that used to blast from the kitchen radio at the summer jobs I’d worked at as a teen. Guitar solo? Check. Drum solo? Check. Big horns and sparkly synths? Check.”

In Standard Definition Tracklist:
01. Desires
02. TV God
03. Bird Of Prey
04. Nothing Ever Changes
05. I Am The Dancefloor
06. Head Rush
07. Channel 7 (Pilot Season)
08. In Standard Definition
09. Good Looks
10. The Message
11. Channel 11 (Reruns)
12. I Remember