New Song Of The Day: Dead Little Penny – Honeycomb

Honeycomb is the new offering from Auckland’s Dead Little Penny.

Hayley Smith and Simon Buxton combine to produce the act’s first “studio-style” recording.

Here’s the record company blurb:

Dead Little Penny unveil their velvety-yet-caustic shoegaze/fuzz-pop single, “Honeycomb”, with a moody, low-fi video shot and directed by Rodney Fisher. The track is warm, lush and noisy, which feels both fresh and classic in today’s musical landscape.

The self-produced track is the coming together of guitar-slinging vocalist and songwriter Hayley Smith, and drummer/synth player Simon Buxton, who create an intoxicating soundscape of turbulent textures, fizzing guitars and dreamy synth.

“After reading an article about the Radium Girls, who contracted radiation poisoning from painting watch faces with luminous paint, I was inspired to write Honeycomb, a song that explores the toxic effects of infatuation and volatile love.

With what started as a well-paid job with the added bonus of being able to glow in the dark, the bodies of the Radium Girls began to deteriorate, ravaging them from the inside out and sending them to their untimely deaths, and the imagery of this sad story stayed with me for a long time before I sat down and wrote this track” – Hayley Smith

“Honeycomb” is Dead Little Penny’s first studio-style recording, and a clear sign of things to come.