Nothing But Thieves – The Powerstation: May 9, 2024 (Concert Review)

Bombastic British rockers, Nothing But Thieves made their New Zealand debut at Auckland’s Powerstation, proving that they are almost too big for the venerable venue to hold.

Indeed, last night’s show was a sell-out, and when they return tonight, chances are that will be as well (just a few tickets available as of this writing).

It’s no wonder, the band’s latest album, Dead Club City, hit number 1 on the UK album charts last year…only 25 in NZ…but I’m guessing the album may make resurgence after these two shows.

The Daffodils

Nothing But ThievesAuckland’s own Daffodils had the unenviable task of opening for the Brits. Yes, the crowd showed up early, but not to hear the band, but to stand in line at the merch desk. I swear, I have never seen a line stretching out that long on The Powerstation. The T-Shirts were flying out of there.

Meanwhile The Daffodils did their thing, which is Joy Division-inspired post-punk. A more upbeat opener may have captured this crowd’s attention, but hey, it was music to buy merch to.

Nothing But Thieves

Leading up to the headliner’s time we were “treated” to a string of 80s “classics” like Jane by Starship and Toto’s Hold The Line…thanks a lot guys. So it was a relief that, at about Nothing But Thieves9:40pm, Abba’s Gimme Gimme Gimme rang through the venue and it became clear that Dead Club City time was imminent.

A Big Brother-type voice is heard introducing the band, and off we go!

The energy is level is already at 11 as front man Conor Mason and his mates rip into Welcome To The DCC followed by Is Everybody Going Crazy?

The answer to that musical question is a resounding, yes!

“Let’s get everbody up!” urges Mason, and they are, singing along to just about every song and screaming with joy in between.

Personally, I’m thrilled just be to be at a show where everyone on stage and in the crowd seems to be well under 50!

The youthful energy is contagious and the band is on fire. Guitarists Joe Langridge Brown and Dominic Craik give us some twin-guitar excitement during Do You Love Me Yet? While the rhythm section of drummer James Price and bassist Philip Blake pound away relentlessly.

Nothing But ThievesBut the real star of the night is Conor Mason’s voice, particularly his falsetto which he uses early and often.

After Phobia, he tells us, “I’m gonna level with you, it’s been a while since I’ve played in a place where I can see everybody’s face…it’s the first time in about 10 years and I’ve got mad stage fright”.

But his performance says otherwise, showing off that falsetto during the ballad Lover, Please Stay and then rocking full throttle on Futureproof.

Nothing But Thieves

“That was lovely” a solitary voice calls out from the crowd.

“Thank you very much”, responds Conor.

Everyone was on their best behaviour, but that didn’t stop anyone from having the time of their lives.

It was well after 11pm when the three encores finally brought the concert to an end. I imagine the band will be sleeping in this morning, because come tonight, they will do it all over again.

Marty Duda

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Nothing But Thieves:

The Daffodils:

Nothing But Thieves setlist:

  1. Welcome To The DCC
  2. Is Everybody Going Crazy?
  3. Tomorrow Is Closed
  4. Broken Machine
  5. Real Love Song
  6. City Haunts
  7. Drawing Pins
  8. Sorry
  9. Do You Love Me Yet?
  10. Ce n’est Rien/Gods/Number 13 instrumental medley
  11. Unperson
  12. Phobia
  13. Lover, Please Stay
  14. Trip Switch
  15. Futureproof
  16. Impossible
  17. Pop The Balloon
  18. On No:: He Said What?
  19. Amsterdam
  20. Overcome