Orville Peck – The Curse Of The Blackened Eye: New Song

Orville Peck reveals The Curse Of The Blackened Eye. Check out the brand new video here!

Orville PeckOver the weekend Orville has graced us with Bronco: Chapter 2 and this track, The Curse Of The Blackened Eye, kicks things off. Peck’s new album, Bronco, is being released in three stages…the first 4 tracks were released last month, the following for this past Friday. There’s more to come. Here’s what Orville has to say:

Orville Peck“The songs on Bronco‘s second chapter explore some of the most vulnerable places I’ve ever gone to with my music,” Peck said. “I sing about home, escape, longing, resentment… This chapter, lyrically, has some of my favourite songs on the album. Plus I’ve always been a sucker for a ballad.”

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