Otto & Astrid: Eurosmash! (Die Roten Punkte) August 6, 2017 Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Dedee is overseas, checking out this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She’ll be checking in with The 13th Floor to let us in on what’s happening. Here is her first report…

This show was recommended by a friend, and when I saw their picture, and the words ‘Berlin’s best comedy rock duo’, I knew I had to see it. They didn’t disappoint. They were so good I even bought a t-shirt.

Otto and Astrid are an established act, first performing at Edinburgh Fringe in 2013, earning rave reviews and a nomination for Best Cabaret Award. The people next to me had seen them five times, so they’ve got some loyal fans! They’ve played shows with Amanda Palmer, toured to Montreal and Melbourne, and made a web series about their rehearsals for Eurosmash!, which I’ll definitely be checking out.

Die Roten Punkte (the Red Dots) is a play on The White Stripes, which becomes clear when you see their unique style of rock star parody. They started their show with a synchronised dance routine, dressed in striking outfits of red, black and silver. Their stage makeup was very loud too, especially on Otto, who had big red lips painted on, looking comically clown-like.
They take us through their story of growing up as orphans in a squat in Berlin, playing their own punk-pop soundtrack throughout. It was hilarious to watch – Astrid smashing the drums, (almost falling off her drum stool at times) and Otto rocking out on guitar, all over the stage.
Naturally, there was some sibling rivalry. Astrid doesn’t approve of some of Otto’s song choices, as they’re “not very rock‘n’roll”, and Otto looks pained when she’s flirting with a guy in the front row. But it all comes right in the end, they put aside their differences for the grand finale and a brilliant costume change I won’t forget in a hurry. A truly memorable show. Four stars!

New Zealand comedy fans – look out for them in October, they’ll be over there playing a few festivals. Check their facebook for details –

Dedee W

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