Pipsy – All You Ever Wanted: New Song Of The Day

Pipsy releases All You Ever Wanted and hits the road starting today!

Here’s the blurb with details:

PipsyPIPSY is the musical project of Paul Pouwels McMillan (they/them), a songwriter and producer based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara.

PIPSY crafts alternative pop with poise and precision. Their tracks are full with warm melodies and tender vocal harmonies. Listeners will be reminded of the devotional jangle made by British post-punks in the 80s, as well as the stirring synth pop of the early 2000’s.

PipsyToday PIPSY shares their new single All You Ever Wanted. It’s dizzyingly fun indie pop that’s indicative of what can be expected from their upcoming debut album.

All You Ever Wanted passes by like a cosy dream, one that listeners will want to have on repeat.

“I stumbled upon the idea for All You Ever Wanted while I was goofing around one day” says Pouwels McMillan. The track was written and recorded at Pouwels McMillan’s home studio situated at the top of the windy hills of Broadmeadows in Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington). “It’s pretty high up so it looks out over these really beautiful towering Totara trees, and past that, you can see for miles out into the mountains – it’s a super peaceful-feeling being up there.

“I was thinking about how much happier I’d been since I moved back to New Zealand in 2020 – being back home among friends and family, even though it was during quite an intense and scary time. All You Ever Wanted is a song about really appreciating what you have, and perhaps trying to let go of longing for all these things that you don’t even really want or need.”

“I was noodling away on the guitar and I just started playing the entire song pretty much start to finish. Songs sometimes appear really quick like that – in 5 minutes you have a track, it’s always baffling, but always welcome!”

Pouwels McMillan reflects “I’m immensely proud of this song – it really feels like a true expression of where I’m at as an artist right now, and I know that that sounds corny, but sometimes it’s nice to be corny! I think that the most important thing to do as an artist is to make the art and music that you want to see/hear in the world, and this is exactly that for me.”

Jordan LuckToday PIPSY head out on tour, joining Jordan Luck Band on their Winter Road Trip! For the next month they’ll be traveling throughout Aotearoa stopping in at:

  • Coopers Cafe & Bar in Whanganui on July 21
  • Butlers Reef in New Plymouth on July 22
  • San Fran in Wellington on July 23
  • Southland Musician’s Club in Invercargill on August 4
  • Dive in Dunedin on August 6
  • Victoria Arms Hotel in Comewell on August 12
  • Loan & Merc in Oamaru on August 13

Tickets and more info can be found over at Undertheradar.


Paul Pouwels McMillan’s love of music began when at the age of ten, they found an old forgotten guitar at their family home. They started teaching themselves to play, jamming along to classic records from the likes of The Beatles, Talking Heads, The Rolling Stones, and the theatrical guitar solos of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Pouwels McMillan went on to study at Otago University, where they were awarded a PhD in Music following the completion of their 80,000 word thesis focusing on the Dunedin music industry. At the same time they joined Ōtepoti’s vibrant indie scene, performing in groups like Two Cartoons and Males, as well as producing albums for bands such as the Julian Temple Band.

In 2016, while in Melbourne Australia, Pouwels McMillan began writing as PIPSY, going on to release two EPs, 2018’s Users and 2020’s Toronto.

PIPSY has performed throughout North America and Australia, and after returning to Aotearoa in 2021 they toured extensively throughout the motu. The band have become a favourite to support local heritage acts, and tour in 2022 with Jordan Luck Band.

Outside of PIPSY, Pouwels McMillan works as a Senior Academic Advisor for the College of Creative Arts at Massey University, and is a keen fan of Basketball, supporting the Toronto Raptors.