Polite Company – Circulation: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

‘Circulation’ is the catchy new single released today by London-based, NZ songwriter and former Mutton Bird, Alan Gregg’s latest project Polite Company.

Here’s the blurb with more:

Polite CompanyDescribed as “the happiest song about being depressed you will ever hear,” ‘Circulation’ is a song about trying to be optimistic in difficult times.

“As people were coming out of lockdown after Covid, I heard the phrase ‘getting back into circulation’ a lot,” says Alan. “The song is also about being fearless and not worrying too much about what other people think.”

Polite Company‘Circulation’, with its lyrics ‘I’ve been out of the loop too long’ could also refer to the artist’s space between releases. “It’s quite appropriate,” explains Alan, “as I haven’t released an album of my own songs for a while, so it seems like I am getting back into circulation in a way.”

The release is the first since the artist’s previous solo project and album, Marshmallow (2002) – which features well-known musicians such as Bic Runga and Ron Sexsmith. It’s also the first to be shared from an exciting upcoming Polite Company album (May, 2024).

About Alan Gregg

Hailing from Palmerston North, and now based in London, Alan Gregg was originally a keyboard player but has mainly played bass guitar throughout his professional life. After moving to Auckland, he joined The Mutton Birds (1992 – 1998; returning for live shows in 2012 and 2019), where he contributed bass, vocals, keyboards, and wrote a number of songs. After leaving The Mutton Birds, he acted as a producer and studio and touring musician, before recording his first solo album under the name Marshmallow (2002). Alan has also appeared as a musician on albums by artists such as Dave Dobbyn, and produced BRAND NEW – the second album by New Zealand band The Stereo Bus. Today’s new single ‘Circulation’ (and the upcoming album) is music of a quality that you might expect from an artist with Alan’s experience and achievements – including Ron Sexsmith covering is song ‘Esther’ – so press play now to get back in circulation with Alan Gregg and his new project Polite Company!

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