Popstrangers – No I.D. (New Song Of the Day)

Popstrangers and Rice Is Nice Records are very happy to share ‘No I.D.’, the third single from the the band’s forthcoming new album ‘In Spirit’, out June 10, 2022.

Popstrangers are three Kiwis transplanted to London. Here’s the blurb with more:

Popstrangers‘No I.D.’ delivers sparse yet impactful lyrics atop a building, instrumental underbelly, escalating into a chorus that demands to be  paid attention to. The track was premiered by 95bFM – listen back to yesterday’s interview with Joel Flyger from Popstrangers here.

On the single, Popstrangers say:

No I.D.’ is a static up tempo song about digitisation and surveillance. It’s not written from a paranoid viewpoint but more from being observant of the need to have access to digital content on online identities to fully exist in the now.

PopstrangersThe track is accompanied by a visually engaging lyrical clip created by bassist Adam Page, who hand painted the lyrics onto 16mm film before editing each frame digitally.

Popstrangers are Joel Flyger (guitar/vocals), Adam Page (bass) and David Larson (drums), three native New Zealanders who now reside in London.

Popstrangers formed after meeting through mutual friends, with a shared interest in 80’s New Zealand punk bands and most importantly, a desire to create music with like-minded people.

After releasing several singles on fabled New Zealand label Flying Nun, Popstrangers delivered their debut album Antipodes in 2013. Recorded in the basement of a 1930’s dancehall, Antipodes features dissonant, claustrophobic melodies, anchored by the languid affectations of Flyger’s vocals. Sophomore effort Fortuna soon followed in 2014, further developing the band’s nuanced, distorted “pop” and released to much critical acclaim.

‘In Spirit’ is Popstrangers’ first new release since 2014.

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