Prins – Copycat Killer: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

PRINS latest release, Copycat Killer, is a compelling exploration of self in an era where imitation often overshadows originality. This track, marking her first release of 2024 following an electrifying world tour, is a masterful blend of introspection and bold artistic expression.

Here’s the blurb with more on PRINS

PrinsCopycat Killer stands out as a narrative on individualism and the complexity of maintaining uniqueness in an imitative world. PRINS addresses these themes with poignant lyrics like ‘Even your girlfriend wears my personality, nineteen, wannabe (yuck)’ articulating the challenges of identity in today’s society. The recurring theme of betrayal, symbolized by the ‘knife in my back,’ speaks to resilience in adversity.

What truly sets ‘Copycat Killer’ apart is its unmistakable tone of self-assertiveness and confidence. Phrases like ‘I wouldn’t bet against me’ and ‘I just do what I like’ reverberate throughout the song, showcasing PRINS’ strong sense of self and her unwavering determination to stand out in an industry where duplication is common. This track is an anthem of empowerment, encouraging listeners to embrace their individuality and rise above the tendency to imitate.

The song also serves as a critical commentary on the dynamics of influence and imitation within the music industry. The stark contrast drawn between ‘I see you in the backline’ and ‘I’ll be under the lights’ reflects the power dynamics in a domain where originality is increasingly scarce.

At its core, ‘Copycat Killer’ is a journey of self-discovery and personal strength. It exemplifies PRINS’ growth as an artist and her resilience in a landscape often marked by competition and replication. The track’s international collaboration, featuring the production expertise of ‘House of Wolf,’ (Carlie Hanson & Cheat Codes), and the mixing skills of Grammy award-winning engineer Mark Rankin (Adele & Harry Styles), adds a unique, global flavour to its sound.

With ‘Copycat Killer,’ PRINS solidifies her status as not just a musician, but a storyteller whose narratives resonate with a global audience. The track is now available on all major platforms, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the rich, authentic world of PRINS’ music.

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