PRYNNE – Kid You’re Free: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

PRYNNE is making a graceful crash landing into the Kiwi music scene by launching her debut album A Fleeting Moment of Clarity with her first single ‘Kid You’re Free’ out now.

Here is the blurb with more about PRYNNE:

Moana McArtney aka PRYNNE, grew up backstage as her father, Dave McArtney, enchanted audiences with New Zealand’s legendary rock band, Hello Sailor.

PrynneSince his passing 10 years ago, she has kept his legacy alive in the most fitting way possible: By following in his musical footsteps.

PRYNNE is making a graceful crash landing into the Kiwi music scene by launching her debut album A Fleeting Moment of Clarity with her first single ‘Kid You’re Free’ out now.

A Fleeting Moment of Clarity was produced by the legendary music producer Alan Jansson who is long time friend and collaborator of Dave McArtney and the brains behind ‘How Bizarre’ by OMC. Johnny Fleury who is one of her father’s dearest and oldest friends played guitar on the album – another full circle moment that makes this project such a sweet homecoming.

Moana comes from a talented family. Her grandfather, Les Mills, was not only the Mayor of Auckland from 1990-1998, but was also an Olympic athlete and started the widely loved Les Mills gym, which is owned and directed by her uncle, Phillip Mills. Her mother, Donna Mills was a model and athlete, competing in the Commonwealth Games for high jump.

PrynneBut Moana chose the path her father set ablaze. She set off in this direction when he passed away, picking up his guitar and pouring out a song in a single sitting, almost by accident. She describes the experience as near-mystical, since she had never played the guitar before, though she had been writing lyrics and poems since she was a kid.

In an act of escapism and yearning for purpose, Moana quit her aspiring acting career and went to London to attend the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and lived there for six years. It was here her alias PRYNNE was born and where she honed her skills as a singer, songwriter and producer of her own music.

Moana is fascinated by lyrics. She likens songwriting to the role of a poet or writer in that there are endless depths to be explored. She says the way lyrics and music dance with each other creates an inexplicable magic that is almost spiritual.

She has since settled back in her home country of New Zealand and has been in hibernation mode for three years, working on this album which is finally set for release.

It can be described as a deeply personal landscape of McArtney’s personality and life experience over the past decade. She’s rebelled against the norm by making an album which dances between genres, scoping from wild ‘middle finger’ energy to the ballads of tender, haunting heartbreak.

Everything is held together by McArtney’s sweet and pure toned vocals which, alongside the craftsmanship of her lyrics, are fearlessly vulnerable and honest. It’s this dextrous approach to songwriting that makes A Fleeting Moment of Clarity such a seductive listening experience, and like the waves lapping against her beloved West Coast, she has the power to pull you under.

Moana is aware that she carries her father’s nostalgic legacy on her shoulders. She’s emerged with no facades, nothing but her authentic self. What she hopes for this album is that listeners will take what she’s poured her heart and soul into and make it their own; create their own magical experience from it.

“Discovering myself in music has been and will continue to be the most defining journey of my life. I was so close to my dad, I miss him so much that my heart hurts, but he gave me the greatest gift – music in my blood. I know he’d be happy I’ve kept his flame burning,” says Moana.

“My inner musical world was there for me when I was broken, it understood me when it felt like no one else did, gently led me through the forest when I couldn’t find my way. It’s been the constant dialogue that’s never let me down and the reason I will never feel alone. It’s my spirituality, my lightning, my communication, my most loyal friend. It’s all that and more that has been poured into this album. It’s a deep search for the rediscovery of myself and a surrender to the cycle of death and rebirth. A running away and coming home.”

A Fleeting Moment of Clarity is launched with the debut single ‘Kid You’re Free’ is out now. The full album will be available to stream after the release of the second and third singles.

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