Psycho Gab Perform Gabben at The 13th Floor: Singles Session

Tāmaki Makaurau-based neo-soul band Psycho Gab have today released their lush sophomore single Gabben and here are two of them to perform it live at The 13th Floor.

Psycho GabThe 13th Floor’s Marty Duda welcomed vocalist Rosetta Stone and producer/pianist Caleb Wong up to the studio to perform this exclusive acoustic version of the band’s new single, Gabben, released today. Watch the interview to learn more about Psycho Gab and enjoy the performance, then check out the studio version below:

Following the group’s successful 2023 debut Messy (Radio One, 95bFM,, and a year of electric live performances across Auckland, ‘Gabben’ is a groovy reflection on riding through the storm of young love. The track boasts punchy drums, smooth basslines, powerhouse vocals, and a myriad of rich instrumentation.

“At its core, I think the music we write tackles a lot of big feelings, and we make big instrumentals to match that,” says lead vocalist Rosetta Stone. “Everything is epic, bouncy, groovy and ultimately fun, so the subject matter doesn’t have to feel so heavy.”

Psycho Gab is made up of musicians and friends Rosetta Stone (vocals), Orlando Cooper (bass, production), Caleb Wong (keyboards, production), Max Henley (guitar) and Finn Mcneill (drums). The band, who have been together for just over a year, wrote ‘Gabben’ in the early days of its conception – while stuck inside their flat during Cyclone Gabrielle.

“We wanted to paint this picture of weathering out the storm,” explains Rosetta. “It’s about persevering when things get hard, and appreciating all that you learn during those trying moments, rather than just waiting for the sunshine on the other side.”

Not only did this unsettling time inspire the creation of new single ‘Gabben’, it also influenced the band’s name, Psycho Gab.

Like ‘Messy’, today’s impressive new musical offering was produced, mixed and mastered by Caleb (Wongii, Mel Stevenson, Crumbly Jack), during his residency at Auckland studio Big Fan. Additional Recording and Mixing for the track took place at Caleb and Orlando‘s home studio, Bilbo’s Clubhouse.

With an exciting year ahead, including more fresh music on its way shortly, now is the time to bask in the dynamic, soulful passion of Psycho Gab’s new single ‘Gabben’!

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