Punk It Up: Andrew Boak Says Its Last Call For No Tag

Punk It Up is happening this weekend at The Powerstation over two nights. Promoter and performer Andrew Boak is here to tell us why this may be the last time.

Punk It UpThe 13th Floor’s Marty Duda spoke to Andrew, who as a member of No Tag, was a Kiwi punk pioneer. Now Andrew lives and works in the US, but he has just returned to put on the fifth, and probably last, Punk It Up shows. Its be two nights of hard, fast and loud featuring the likes of Proud Scum, Cootie Cuties, The Johnnys, Sit Down In Front, Tigers (NZ’s 1st Maori punk band) and the final shows by No Tag.

Andrew has had a long and colourful career in the music biz, as an artist, a promoter, roadie and what-have-you working with the likes of My Bloody Valentine, PJ Harvey and Guy Clark.

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