Recitals – Wine Cellar: August 26, 2022 (Concert Review)

Recitals celebrated the release of their debut album with a very crowded show at Auckland’s Wine Cellar. 

Not only was the show sold out, which explains one reason it was crowded, but there are seven, count them, seven, band members to squeeze on to the tiny Wine Cellar Stage. 

Green Grove

Things were sparse on stage and off as opening act Green Grove (aka Durham Fenwick) kicked things off. But the crowd began to gather and Green Grove filled the room with his ambient soundscapes. We’re off and running! 

She’s So Rad

Next up is She’s So Rad, a very different kind musical animal. Featuring Jeremy Toy and Anji Sami, the quartet started their 30-minute set with a low hum and then got things rocking with a selection of tunes from albums Tango and In Circle. There was plenty of goofy between song banter and the rhythm section of Phil Hadfield (bass) and John Parker (drums) powered the band as needed. 


Finally it was time for Recitals. Flying Nun’s newest discoveries just barely fit on the stage with trumpet player Tharushi squeezing in at the last minute and cellist Olivia barely visible amid the on-stage clutter. 

But they sounded anything but cluttered. Bandleader Xanthe played guitar and sang (with a switch over to bass from time to time, while keyboard player Carla took pride of place in the center of it all, eliciting calls of “I love you Carla!” from the crowd. This was quickly followed by “I love you Xanthe!” 

Clearly, there was a lot of love in the air. 

Christian (guitar) and Josh (drums) round out the septet and they proceeded to perform their brand-new album, Orbit I from beginning to end with a bonus of unreleased song Champion Runner added as the encore.  

Not bad for a new band with a new album. 

As one punter exclaimed at the end of Sweat…”It sounds fuckin’ mean!!” 

Marty Duda 


She’s So Rad: