Ringlets – New Life: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Tāmaki-based enigmatic post-punk quartet Ringlets unveil their latest single, New Life, available digitally today. And, available for pre-order on limited edition 7” via Leather Jacket Records and Flying Nun Records — out on Friday, June 7th. Preorder HERE. 

Here’s the blurb with more:

RingletsTheir first release in close to a year, ‘New Life’ is a boisterous, angular anthem of modern Kiwi post-punk, boldly merging the band’s undoubtedly New Wave influences with a crisp professionalism and oft-wry lyrical delivery courtesy of laissez-faire vocalist Leith Towers.

‘New Life’ invites listeners into a new narrative while nodding towards the band’s evolving journey. “New life, best life, fast life, new life,” Ringlets beckon audiences to delve deeper into the chaotic nature and unfamiliar stomping ground of a new life.

Pressed onto limited edition 7″ vinyl thanks to Leather Jacket Records and Flying Nun Records, ‘New Life’ is nicely paired with an exclusive, vinyl-only b-side; the sardonic and brooding ‘Scam Me’, prised from the depths of Ringlet’s shimmering back catalogue.

Preorder here.



Ragingly bright post-punk quartet Ringlets emerged from Aotearoa’s musical ether in 2021; carving out space with their distinct blend of delicate wit, grit and evident sonic technicality. With a highly durable, machine-tested rhythm section (Arabella Poulsen, Arlo Grey) and two of Auckland’s leading lyrical & melodic consultants (László Reynolds, Leith Towers), Ringlets have been fast-building a solid reputation.

RingletsCatching the eye of former Pitchfork editor Chris Ott, Autumn 2023 saw the band release their eponymous debut under Ott’s label Mutual Skies. Produced by De Stevens (Office Dog, Erny Belle) and the band themselves, the 10-track album is a riotous and tightly sporadic introduction to this exciting musical offering from Tāmaki Makaurau. Since then, the four-piece has been sharpening their toolkit with numerous performances across Aotearoa, supporting heavy-hitting internationals such as UK indie-rockers Sorry, and seminal punk force The Damned.

May ‘24 will see the band release their first new music in close to a year.

With thanks to Flying Nun and Leather Jacket Records, Ringlets are stepping back into the light with New Life; a sharp, punchy post-punk anthem with precision and technicality to boot, it is the band’s 12th song and their latest single.

With the undoubtable potential to shine in 2024’s booming alternative sphere, only one thing is certain; Ringlets can only remain our best-kept secret for so long.


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