Sam Bartells – Soul Burdened Soldier: New Song

Sam Bartells releases his new single, Soul Burdened Soldier today!

Always good to hear from Sam. Here’s the blurb with the lowdown on this one:

Sam BartellsRecorded with his talented band at Roundhead Studios, and with Producer Dave Rhodes once more at the helm, ‘Soul Burdened Soldier’ is the follow up from his last single, the highly successful, radio-friendly ‘Bring You Down’.

Sam has never shied away from wearing his heart on his sleeve, fearlessly delving deep inside to share his life journey as he navigates the path on his road to redemption.

Along the way, Sam has met many people, some of whom have shared that road with him and also worked through challenging times in their lives to overcome their own personal demons.

This song is a tribute to one of those friends.

Sam Bartells“I wrote this song for a close buddy of mine, a fellow addict who also battled mental health issues but sadly, lost that fight and took his own life. He was an awesome friend, and although he had huge dependency obstacles to overcome himself, he selflessly helped me though some of my darkest times also”, says Sam.

Ultimately, Sam hopes that his music, and this track, is a source of relatable comfort to others, saying “this is really a song for anyone who has lost someone to mental health and addiction, but then has to carry on with life on life’s terms and just keep going, having to soldier on. And of course, it’s a salute to my mate Joey. We were a great support for each other during some truly tough times.”

Bartell’s body of work to date is testament to the healing power of music, and the strength that can be drawn from raw, honest lyricism. Through this real-life inspired process, Sam is using his creative voice to build the soundtrack to a new narrative for his life, and for his young family.

Meanwhile, while waiting for the live touring circuit to come back to life, Sam plans to keep the music coming and is looking forward to releasing a new album later in the year.

It’s a long road for this troubadour, and Sam intends to keep his musical chronicle going strong, a narrative based on finding, and keeping hope.

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