Samantha Jane – Narcissus: New Song Of The Day

Up and coming Aotearoa singer-songwriter Samantha Jane (formerly Samantha Heart) has today released her darkly sparkling sophomore single ‘Narcissus’.

Here’s the record company blurb with details:

Samantha JaneThe indie-pop artist has taken a turn away from her whimsical debut ‘Alaska’ (Nov, 2020), showcasing more Neko Case vibes with her vocals and strong electric guitar strums. She says ‘Narcissus’ shows her growth as an artist and the direction she’s wanting to move in.

“It’s a twist on the myth of Narcissus, the man who fell in love with his own reflection. Most of us have come across someone who might be a narcissist. I think of it as a dark, topsy-turvy fever dream – with a touch of hope thrown in to show people there’s a light at the tunnel and no-one can take away who you are, your value or your worth,” says Samantha Jane, adding that while she drew on some personal experiences, the song is  not about one particular individual but rather a “tapestry of experiences from the world around me.”

Narcissus’ was recorded and mixed at Auckland’s Depot Sound Recording Studios by Noah Page. “Noah is amazing and talented,” says Samantha Jane, “I came in with the lyrics and a melody and he really helped bring the whole vision and soundscape of the song to life. I love writing what I would describe as ‘juicy’ lyrics,  for example ’if I reached under those ribs, would a heart even be there?’ it’s so full-on but I think it encapsulates a feeling so well. Same with ’I wanna burn down the bed that I brought you into’ it’s vulnerable, honest and quite devastating! I love playing with language and symbolism and bringing that together through sound.”

Samantha Jane

The single was skilfully mastered by Richard Lee, and is now in the world for an ever growing fanbase of this exciting new artist! Formerly Samantha Heart, Samantha Jane has been scribbling lyrics and humming up melodies throughout her life – but was too shy to share them – now there’s no holding back. Tune in now and make sure you’re following Samantha Jane!