Sierra Ferrell – Long Time Coming (Rounder) Album Review

Sierra Ferrell’s Long Time Coming has, indeed, be a long time coming. So, was it worth the wait?

This past October, the 13th Floor checked in with Sierra Ferrell to talk about her new single, Jeremiah, and find out how her album debut for Rounder Records was coming along.

Click here to watch the interview and you will learn that at that time the album was pretty much done and dusted…but Sierra and Rounder had to bide their time until this Covid thing subsided.

Now, I’m not saying that it has, but the record is out!

And if you’ve got a case of the isolation blues, this record should cheer you right up.

Sierra’s blend of roots, country, bluegrass and soul may not be for everyone, but it sure hit a nerve with me.

Ferrell hails from the mountains of West Virginia (cue John Denver) and the Appalachians can be heard in every line she sings.

But don’t let that scare you away…there’s a lot more here…zydeco, Mexican and gypsy with plenty of sauce.

In fact, opening track The Sea, starts out with the sound of a Theremin, so this is not your father’s country album. Without waiting too long, you’ll hear fiddle, banjo, clarinet, pedal steel and guitar, managing to sound old timey and modern at the same time.

Sarah Jarosz joins in on banjo on the afor-mentioned Jerimiah, and there’s plenty of pickin’ and grinnin’. But above it all is Sierra’s sweet, lonesome voice…a beauty to behold.

For those who may be a sucker for an old country waltz, from Tennessee or otherwise, you’ll find two of them here,  the strings that accompany album closer Whispering Waltz will have you crying in your beer and the West Virginia Waltz is simply lovely.

I think my favourites are Far Away Across The Sea…I’m a sucker for a bit of Mexicali trumpet… and Why’d Ya Do It, a tune that felt like bluegrass but made me think of classic Cab Calloway.

So hi-de-ho, cheer up and give Sierra Ferrell a spin…she sounds like she’s having fun, you will too!

Marty Duda

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