South For Winter – Movespace February 17, 2022

South For Winter are just that. Based in Nashville, the Kiwi/American duo/couple have flown south for the winter and we here in New Zealand are better for it.

We find ourselves ‘up on the roof’ once again as The Ministry Of Folk take over Movespace to present the Auckland debut of Danielle and Nicholas Stone, aka South For Winter.

You may remember The 13th Floor was at this same space just a couple of weeks ago enjoying another duo, Wellington’s Butter Wouldn’t Melt, under the same starry sky.


HoopThis being a Ministry Of Folk show, the opening act was Hoop, led by main Ministry man Al Baxter. Their 50 minute set began with As Good As It Gets, and as the sun began to set, the feeling among the crowd was precisely that.

Al and Nick Edgar take turns leading the band which also feature violinist Emily Allen. Emily’s fiddle sounded sweet through the night air as the stunning sunset threatened to upstage the band.

The set consisted of originals including a few new Baxter compositions including Rabbit Hole (inspired by conspiracy theorists) and a jazzy Breathe…all about slowing down.

The one notable cover was Dylan’s Masters Of War which, I have to say, didn’t really fit in with the vibe. But the rousing set-closer Thank You did, in fine folkie fashion.

South For WinterSouth For Winter

South For Winter are Kiwi Nicholas Stone and his wife, American singer/songwriter Danielle. The two met in South America and have been plying their trade in Nashville ever since.

Their sense of professionalism that must be essential to surviving in “Music City” comes through during the duo’s between-song banter. We hear chilling tales of murder, mayhem and misbehaviour along with charming tales of the couple’s own journeys.  Neither performer hogs the mic and we get a well-balanced, good natured hour of top class tunes, most taken from their album, Luxumbra.

And while the songs are of the highest calibre, the real treat is hearing these two voices sing together. Danielle’s voice is sweet and pure while Nick can boom out a tune when he wants to. Interestingly, when they sing together, it’s Nick who takes the high harmony, and that’s when the magic happens.

With the sun down, a chill in the air and the crowd held in rapt attention, South For Winter proved to be a world-class act. And with all the disruption going on in Wellington and around the world, their songs and their voices were a welcome respite.

Marty Duda

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Hoop Setlist:

  1. As Good As It Gets
  2. Devil’s Choice
  3. The Outlaw
  4. Want This Thing To Last
  5. Masters Of War
  6. Oblivion
  7. Rabbit Hole
  8. Breathe
  9. Elephant In The Room
  10. Thank You

South For Winter Photo Gallery:

South For Winter setlist:

  1. Ten Black Crows
  2. Fallen Seeds
  3. All I Wanna Do
  4. Dusk
  5. Always You
  6. How The Mountain
  7. All We Have
  8. Underneath The Blood Moon
  9. Back In Gold
  10. Something In The Stars
  11. Stone
  12. Into The Eye
  13. Twine
  14. Devil Is A’Calling

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