Stories of Serendipity, 11 August 2017 – Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Serendipity is a thing I believe in. Some might call it fate, the Universe looking after you, or those times when things seem to fall into place and you can’t explain it. It was serendipitous that I ended up at this show at all.It was the end of the night, hardly anyone on the street. Someone handed back a flyer as they passed me. Seeing the word ‘serendipity’ piqued my interest. I asked what the show was about, and we had a good chat on our way up the road. Quite the opposite of the usual hectic flyering experience on busy crowded streets. If they hadn’t walked past at that precise moment, I’d never have heard of this show.

It was serendipitous that I managed to get in. I’d booked in to review it, but they’d forgotten to book me a ticket. I had two minutes to grab one, then someone in the queue offered me a spare.

This small production was a nice way way to start the day. Just three people on stage, and a few simple props. It was a gentle, graceful, and simply told collection of stories about how the characters’ lives are shaped by small but significant events.

Using elements of physical theatre, dance and storytelling are neatly interwoven, complemented by live music. The three actors move well together. There are moments of playfulness, humour, sadness and hope – as we follow the narrative that starts from someone finding and handing in a lost watch.
The message behind the story is to stay open to the ‘serendipitous gifts’ that may fall in your path. Those who are more open to serendipity are more likely to experience it.

Little gems like this often go under the radar – so if you enjoy theatre that has a quiet magic to it, and brings out your sense of wonder, do check this one out.

3 stars

Dedee W