Tav Falco Found! The Elusive Panther Burns Frontman Talks To The 13th Floor

The 13th Floor’s Marty Duda finally figures out how to use Google and finds Tav Falco. Listen as the founder of the legendary Panther Burns discusses his new solo album, Cabaret Of Daggers.

Tav Falco is one of those names whispered among those who hang out on the periphery of mainstream rock & roll. Along with The Cramps, Tav’s band, Panther Burns pioneered a type of music that would be labeled psycho-billy by those less informed. In fact, it’s just straight-up rock & roll with no chaser.

The fact that early versions of the Memphis-based Panther Burns included the even-more legendary Alex Chilton further enhanced the band’s legacy.

Now, 40 years after Tav Falco started Panther Burns, he’s living in Vienna, Austria and has just released a new album titled Cabaret Of Daggers. The 11-track disc features a couple of new Falco compositions and a handful of carefully selected covers ranging from The Jaynetts’ Sally Go Round The Roses to Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit.

The 13th Floor’s Marty Duda spoke to Tav Falco by phone to find out the inside story behind Cabaret Of Daggers. Interestingly, the conversation began about Kim Dotcom.

Listen here to find out why…


Here’s the beat film Tav talks about in the interview: