Tealskie – Stranger Within: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Tealskie, (pronounced teal-sky), have been making waves in the local scene with their explosive and unapologetically unique live shows inspired by that raw 90’s sound. This genre-blending rock outfit from Christchurch, New Zealand banded together and created the next hot summer track, Stranger Within.

Here’s the blurb with more:

TealskieThis is the debut track for the new line up of Tealskie as they embark on a new era. Full of aggression, honesty and high energy releases & live shows

Stranger Within explores a toxic relationship with playful lyrics exploring themes of substance abuse, deceit and love. Guitarist Tim Miller wrote this track with inspiration from his own previous relationships with all other members of the band being able to relate and add their passion to the explosive soundscape..

The lyrics tease and ask the perpetrator to reflect and see the person in the mirror yet, we know they’ll never change as they’re too far gone to see the stranger inside; hence the song’s title – Stranger Within.

With a strong vocal delivery from frontwoman Bex, she channels Amy Winehouse as she carries and delivers each seething lyric to the listener. Guitarist Tim plays with the melody of the track as he transcends the listener with delicious tones that bassist Anand compliments perfectly with a strong full-of-life bass line. Drummer Elliot commands the track with punchy and tasteful drumming to showcase his diverse percussive ability and really tying the powerful track together.

This debut track features a refreshing high quality music video that is also available from 12:00 am (NZ TIME) December 15th. With vibrant colours and beautiful shots of the band members and scenery, you do NOT want to miss this debut music video.

Stranger Within is available on all streaming platforms from December 15th.

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