Ted Nugent – the Ultimate Ted Talk with the Motor City Mad Man Part 2

Ted Nugent loves to talk! We got him on the horn and over the course of an hour. yesterday we talked about his musical history, Today, he lets fly with his thoughts on life, politics and his place in the world.

Love him or hate him, he held us spellbound for an hour. If you missed the first half hour click HERE to watch.

And for those unable to watch or listen, we’ve transcribed it below, along some great Ted Nugent videos and photos.


MD:  So what do you think is gonna happen next in the states? Are things on the upswing?

TN:   Absolutely. Because of the level and the consistency of treachery, and oath violating by my government; where the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the most powerful military leader in America, actually has a cosy relationship with the Communist Chinese military. And he actually called him on tape and said, if anything, if we, if my government plans anything against you, I’ll call you and warn you.

Ted Nugent So that’s just one example of I could keep you here with 1000s of them, the treason, the dishonesty, the cultivation of the worst violent crime wave ever, by letting rapists and murderers and child molesters and carjackers and home invaders, they’re letting them out in all the Democrats cities. Perfect, because now people who weren’t involved until their uncle got bludgeoned to death for his Buick, or until Aunt Edna got raped and hit with a baseball bat by a guy that the Democrat DA let out after beating people with baseball bats. By the way, if you beat somebody with a baseball bat, I guarantee if you’re let out of the cage, you’re going to beat somebody again with a baseball bat. That’s not a hunch. That’s not a Ted Nugent wild assumption. It’s proven by all the other crime reports.

My point being is that this is a glorious time in America, because the devil is so stupid and so cocky, that he is in the open in a public arena, offending good people, every hour of every day. And so yes, there is a huge wake up happening in America. We are going to kick these Democrat liberal Marxist ass in the midterms We are finally realizing that when you take the oath to the Constitution, the very foundation of this greatest quality of life in the history of the world, I’m convinced. Until the Democrats created faeces-and-needles homeless capitals.

It’s hysterical! You know, there wouldn’t have been a One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest episode quite stupid as this one. So, it’s waking people up and they’re starting to realise my god. These Democrats, the they’re dishonest as hell. Their policies are destroying everything they touch. They’re creating violent crime waves. They’re importing jihadists to our southern border. They’re using our tax dollars to fly them all over the country and put them in our neighbourhoods without warning us. An illegal invader in America can get on a plane using their arrest warrant as ID.

I mean, again, I could go on and on when you question my wide stroke of a wide brush is because you’re not paying attention. Fortunately, I am paying attention and so are a lot of Americans. And when you realize that Democrats have their dream; their dream is gun free zones. They have eliminated by signs and documents that these areas are gun free zones. And in every instance where the most innocent lives are lost. And again, the statistics are easy to find and irrefutable; where the most innocent lives are lost in every instance. It’s in a Democrat dream of a gun free zone; because all the victims are unarmed and helpless by force. And the evil people they keep letting out of their jail cells have a field day in gun free zones. And here’s the horror. These Democrats see that their gun free zones are where the most innocent lives are lost. And then they go nuts trying to create more of them.

MD:  About gun control. I will say having moved to New Zealand, they understand what I mean. I’m not anti gun, per se, but I don’t think everybody should have one.

TN:   Nobody thinks everybody should have one.

MD:  Well, it seems like everyone does have one in the States. Whereas here, when they come when you apply for a license for your gun, they actually come and visit you in your home and see how you live and talk to your friends and family and see if you’re going to go off and shoot the neighbours next week.

TN:   You have you have a good time in New Zealand with that. You make sure that some man comes your house and see if you qualify to defend yourself, I pity…

MD:  Well, we don’t we have the murders here.

TN:   But you’re not paying attention Marty, where all of our murders and all of our repeat crime happen is in Democrat controlled urban areas, where they keep letting out people who shoot each other. In New Zealand, people respect each other. And I suspect if you shoot somebody in New Zealand, you will never be allowed to go shopping with the people again. Well in America, in America, they keep letting them out. They keep letting them out. They won’t even prosecute them when they see them burning down buildings and shooting each other. There’s a big difference between crime control and tool control. Well, most areas where there’s not the crime, there’s not this engine.

MD:  I’m not going to say that the people of New Zealand are any better than the people in United States. It’s just that they don’t have the guns. It’s just that if you have access instead to a knife for your pummelling somebody people still get pissed off at each other and do horrible things to each other. But the you know, we have very, very few shootings and murders here.

TN:  Again, according to the FBI recent crime report, the FBI are unfortunately not trustworthy anymore, but we’ll listen to their last crime report. All right, 98%, that’s huge. That’s really close to 100%. 98% of violent crime, including firearms crime, are committed by people that have committed firearms crime, and they keep letting them out. If they stopped letting them out, we would have fewer shootings than New Zealand in about four months.

MD:  I mean, the States already has more people in prison than pretty much any other country in the world. How can they? What are you gonna keep doing just lock everybody up?

TN:   Well, here’s, here’s what really should happen. Everybody who wants to defend themselves certainly have the God given individual right to keep and bear arms to defend themselves. And instead of people being brainwashed that they should be unarmed and helpless, and I give you 1000s of examples; that when someone comes and breaks in your house, that person should be shot dead. So, he never breaks into someone’s house again. When someone is about to rape that lady, she should fill him full of lead, so he never able to rape anybody again. It’s so simple.

We have cultivated a subculture of violent crime mindset. And, again, the term ‘engineered recidivism’ if we just kept them in jail, and again, the reason our prisons are overcrowded, is because we keep sending the message ‘you can get away with it, you can get away with it. You can get away with it. Ooh, you shot somebody but you missed a vital organ? Well, we’ll let you out. Go to the target practice range, maybe you’ll be a better shot next time.’ I don’t want the guy to be a better shot. I either want the bad guy dead or in a cage for the rest of his life. I don’t care how uncomfortable it is. I don’t care how crowded it is. We need to we need to celebrate good people and eliminate evil people and a lot of people go, ‘Who’s make that judgment?’ I’ll be glad to. If someone stabs somebody, that would be the evil guy.

Well, in my day, I don’t really give a rat’s ass if you had a bad day. I know a lot of people that I don’t know anybody that’s willing to stab somebody. That would be an evil person. We coddle criminals. We engineer recidivism, and it has nothing to do with access to an SUV or an access to a knife or a pipe bomb or a fist. Do you know that more crimes and more injuries and more murders take place in America with things other than firearms?

Ted Nugent MD:  I’m sure that’s the case. But here’s a surprise for you. Maybe in New Zealand, if somebody breaks into your house, and you grab them and beat them, you will go to court and they will charge you with assault, though usually…

TN:   Well, you have a nice time in New Zealand, you can move to Chicago and the same thing would happen.

MD:  But the acceptance of using violence like that to deal with problems is just not okay.

TN:   I think it’s way better than okay. I think if somebody breaks in your house, you should be able to cut them in half.

MD:  Well, we’ll have to disagree with that one.

TN:   Next time someone breaks your house. I wish you the best of luck

MD:  Right. Okay. Well, fortunately, it hasn’t happened.

TN:   But again, it’s not about you, Marty.

MD:  Although I will say when I lived in the States, I lived in Rochester, New York, right in the inner city. And you know, there was a crack house right across the street from me. I hear gunshots all the time. I saw a guy walking around with a rifle back and forth. You know, I had to get the kids indoors. I mean, it was insane. Why does would I want to live like that?

TN:   You don’t you don’t but I gotta tell you, you know, you’re talking to Ted Nugent. I’m an uppity guy. I didn’t. But I have perfected it. And I’m looking out on my Serengeti. We live in Central Texas. And I work with the Sheriff Department. I’ve been a sheriff’s deputy in Michigan for the last 39 years. I’ve conducted federal rage, and I’ve arrested rapists and murderers and stabbers and carjackers. So I’ve been in the belly of the beast, because I think that good, should dedicate themselves against evil. And if you’re if you hold a gun to a lady’s head to take her Buick, I think that lady should have shot you. But since she was convinced not to be able to defend herself, she’s either dead or traumatized and the bad guy got her Buick.

My point is, I’ve been in the belly of that beast and you’re talking to a guy that is so positive, so loving, so peaceful. I have beautiful grandchildren. I just hugged my wife to the point where once again, she went okay, okay. I snuggle, I actually spooned my dogs. I went out this morning and I checked my trap line. I trap Fox and coyotes and bobcats and Coons and possums and skunks to mitigate disease spread and keep the wild grounds healthy and balanced.

So I am the most loving guy you’ll ever meet. But I so love… life, that when I see a rabid dog, I’m gonna shoot him. That’s not violent. That’s securing healthy conditions. So don’t be very careful that a lot of these liberal and I don’t think you’re a liberal, I don’t know you that well. They’ll go ‘Nugent thinks violence is the answer.’

Well, here’s one for you. You Pearl Harbor me, I Nagasaki you. People go, ‘That’s outrageous.’ Yes, it is outrageous. Because if you Pearl Harbor, me, I will Nagasaki you. This is perfect. It’s called the ballet of good over evil.

And sometimes when Old Yeller brings you your slippers in the newspaper, you give them a smooch and a biscuit. But when Old Yeller forms at the mouth, you got to cut him down. That’s life. It’s how life works. All your chickens are dead, that you ate, all your leather, cows are dead. All the animals that live where your home now exist you paid someone to slaughter every one of them. And that’s good. That’s fine because you have a right to live. And nature can move over as long as we keep balance. And we maximize not only our habitat, but the habitat of wildlife because that’s where quality air, soil and water comes from. And I’m just a guitar player and I figured that out all by myself.

I never went to college; I was too busy learning stuff and been clean and sober for 73 years. My radar picks up accurate information. So, I hope you’re enjoying this dialogue even though I turned it into a monologue, but because I’m passionate about my freedom, right passionate about my right to defend myself. And if my court system is going to so fail me that I might run into a stabber or shooter or a carjacker, I make sure that I’m cocked, locked and ready to rock the Glock around the clock, Dr Spock. It’s good for you, plus shooting guns is fun.

MD:  All right. Now to wrap things up. I just got to ask you. If you if you ran into this guy today, what would you say to him? (Marty holds up album.)

TN:   I’d probably give him a big smooch right in the lipstick go you are a wild son of a bitch I love your attitude, young man. Well, here’s a great here’s the best answer to that. My drummer Jason Hartless, just amazing. I hope everybody in New Zealand picks up our, our Ted Nugent, Detroit Muscle, Marty. It’s the real McCoy. We’re so proud that we were jamming. We were playing these outrageous high energy, fun throttling songs. And everybody’s working up a sweat and everybody’s going, my god, that was outrageous. Where’d you go to the F sharp? Where’d you come up with that? And I didn’t, I said, Greg F sharp. Just this outrageous jam session. But Jason He’s over there. Sweating. He goes, God damn. If a 20-year-old Ted Nugent showed up today you kick his ass. So, so, being clean and sober for 73 years and celebrating good, right? Being the best that you can be surrounded myself with the best that they can be, which describes everybody you’ve dealt with Linda, my management, Doug, my wife, my children, my sons, my daughters, my grandkids. My brother, my sister, my fireman buddies, my hunting buddies. It you’d think what you wouldn’t think if you followed me around for any period of time, you’d go, ‘That’s a perfect life.’

MD:  Right? There you go.

TN:  Positive. We do charity work for all these terminally ill children. We do charity work for wildlife habitat. We do charity work for all these soldiers and sailors and airmen, Marines, families who sacrifice for our American dream. And I’m surrounded by people that are so generous and so giving.

We just counted; I’m not bragging because it’s really not me. We just calculated; I do an assembly line every day. And I sign guitars and bows and arrows and guns and bullets and skulls. I’m the only guy that signed skulls to raise money for charity. I do an assembly line every day, including these hats if people, I think even we’ve got a few people in New Zealand. Ted nugent.com. I autographed these hats. And we donate all these different things that we have calculated the Ted Nugent signature, just the old greasy goofball guitar player from Detroit; by signing this assembly line of weaponry all this neat stuff, I have all these Ted Nugent zebra arrows, and I’ll sign them and I’ll donate them and people pay 1000 bucks for an arrow. Because they’re generous and they care right in the rich.

But we calculated in excess of $27 million, I have raised for really good charities. All I did was sign stuff.

I mean I do a lot. If I jacked off, I’d pull my dick clean off. This hand just never stops. I don’t know if you can use that on this podcast.

MD:  I think we can.

TN: It’s rather telling. The point is is that I’m just, I try to be a nice guy right? And I succeed at being a nice guy which is why families with terminally ill children, Marty; they call me and their little boys and girls before they die want to go hunting with Ted Nugent. I must have done something right. And so yeah, people go ‘Ted Nugent thinks violence is the answer.’ No, no, I’m so sweet. I’m like Mother Teresa with a machine gun. Everybody relax.

So I’m, I’m sharing that with you now because my passion tends to cause easy-going people much confusion, because I’m high energy. That’s why my music is so much fun. That’s probably why you wanted to do an interview with me.

MD: That’s true.

TN: When it comes right down to it, I’m just a guy who wants to raise a family in the asset column. I am in the asset column for environmental upgrade. The I’ve planted 10s of 1000s of trees over my lifetime. I manage wild ground for maximum biodiversity and clean air, soil and water production. So people can use, ‘He’s a right wing Nazi.’ Whatever.

I’m just a guitar player who’s conscientious, hardworking, high, high energy. And I thank God every day for the gift of life. So I’m going to use it to the best of my ability including sharing that with you way over there in New Zealand. And I love my New Zealand friends and my New Zealand hunting friends. And if people in New Zealand think that another man can determine whether they have the right to defend themselves or keep and bear arms. I will pray for those people.

And I’m glad that you’re happy with the conditions you live in. But for me to even consider that another man could possibly have control or authority over my individual decisions, whether it’s keeping and bearing arms or playing loud music or telling elected officials to kiss my ass. If that man exists, I would like to meet him because I would set him straight in a short period of time, Because… guess who’s in charge of my life? Me… and Mrs. Nugent.

MD:  All right. Well, thank you very much for that. That was enlightening to say the least.
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