The Beths – Auckland Town Hall October 7, 2022

The Beths wrap up a globe-trotting year with a triumphant home-town show in front of a very appreciative crowd.

Just weeks after wrapping their (delayed) Jump Rope Gazers tour in the US, the band was back in the road promoting their third album, Expert In A Dying Field. And just how did the Auckland-based quartet spend those precious two weeks? Rehearsing and stopping to chat with The 13th Floor.

But there’s no doubt that the hard work is paying off as they have established themselves as THE cool New Zealand band worldwide with rave reviews trailing wherever they go.

So tonight is something special and the crowd can feel it.

Dawn DiverFirst up, from Wellington, we have Dawn Diver to get things rolling. On record, Dawn Diver is the solo project of Ben Lemi (Trinity Roots, Estere), but on stage it’s a seven piece band complete with two horn players, Louisa Williamson and Lily Shaw on sax and flute.

Ben takes centre stage but shares the mic with Deanne Krieg aka WHIM. The collective sound is something trippy, jazzy and soulful. The 30-minute set began with debut single Warming To You…a slow burner.

Not Perfect was light and breezy while Blue Eyes Brown Eyes featured the horns and harmonies…a soul/jazz delight.

I find it’s always good to show up early and catch the opening acts…I love being surprised.

There was no surprise with the next band.

There's A TuesdayThere’s A Tuesday have been making groovy pop-rock music for several years now,. In fact they performed at our 13th Floor Studio a little over two years ago. Click here to watch.

Now they are finalist for “Breakthrough artist of the Year”…and well-deserved.

Fronted by the dynamic duo of Nat Hutton and Minnie Robberd, the quartet blasted through 7 songs in 30 minutes and really warmed up the crowd. Their tune Dandelions should have been a hit record and from the sound of the new songs performed tonight, there’s more where that came from.

Now, for The Beths.

To be honest, The Beths are a very known quantity here in Auckland…I’ve seen them countless times. But to their credit, they keep getting better and better, not changing their sound as much as honing their craft.

The BethsWhile that might sound “un-rock & roll”, be sure, these folks can rock.

Tonight we’re treated to 19 songs in about 70 minutes, kicking off with Expert In A Dying Field and pile-driving right into I’m Not Getting Excited.

Needless to say, the crowd was ecstatic, singing along, waving their arms and dancing as only young, indie-rock fans do.

For me, the highlight of any Beths show is watching and hearing guitarist Jonathan Pearce…when he gets going, there’s no stopping him and he let loose on Happy Unhappy, the first of several satisfying guitar freak-outs of the night.

We got a good dose of the new album…8 songs in all…and they sounded tight-as. I guess those rehearsals paid off.

Yes, the music from all three acts was wonderful, but it was a combination of the venue, the crowd and the musicians that made this a very special (if not chilly) Friday night in Auckland.

Welcome home Beths!

Marty Duda

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The Beths:


There’s A Tuesday:

Dawn Diver:


The Beths Setlist:

  1. Expert IN A Dying Field
  2. I’m Not Getting Excited
  3. Happy Unhappy
  4. Out Of Sight
  5. Knees Deep
  6. You Wouldn’t Like Me
  7. I Told You That I Was Afraid
  8. Your Side
  9. Jump Rope Gazers
  10. Uptown Girl
  11. When You Know You Know
  12. A Passing Rain
  13. Don’t Go Away
  14. Head In The Clouds
  15. Dying To Believe
  16. Future Me Hates Me
  17. Silence Is Golden
  18. You Are A Beam Of Light
  19. Little Death