The Others Way UPDATE

The Others Way is saddened to advise that the festival is unable to go ahead next Friday 11 September because of Government restrictions on audience numbers due to Covid-19. 

The intention is to re-stage the festival in the near future, however, because it is not yet possible to confirm a new date, existing tickets will not be held over for the postponed event. Ticket-holders will be contacted directly with refund information.

Flying Out’s Matthew Davis said that his team tried really hard to persevere and make it possible for the event to happen.

“With so many acts and so many venues, it’s not going to be possible to stage the festival we announced, so we’ve made the heartbreaking decision to indefinitely postpone The Others Way for 2020. The logistical dilemma around organising 40+ acts and 14 venues be free on the same date means it is not possible to 100% guarantee the festival as we had advertised at a later date,” Davis said.

“While we 100% support the Government’s focus on health and dealing to Covid-19, this decision is tough for everyone involved. It is a knock-back to all the people working on the event, the 40+ artists set to play, as well as Karangahape Road venues, restaurants and bars missing out on one of their biggest nights of the year, all of who have had a particularly difficult year.

“We’d wanted to give the local music and hospitality community a boost, and are hopeful we can work towards a new date into the future.”

All ticket-holders will be contacted directly with refund information and an opportunity to contribute to The Others Way, the artists and venues involved.

The Others Way hopes to be back when it’s safe again to stage the festival and support the cultural ecosystem that helps make Karangahape Road, and the broader New Zealand music scene, such a vibrant place.