Tiny Ruins – Out Of Phase: New Song Of The Day

Tiny Ruins release Out Of Phase just days before new album, Ceremony, is with us.

Here’s the blurb with details:

Tiny Ruins, the project of New Zealand musician Hollie Fullbrook, release ‘Out Of Phase’, the final single to emerge ahead of forthcoming new album Ceremony, due April 28th. To celebrate, the band will embark on an eight-date headline tour around Aotearoa next month. Tickets are on sale now from Banishedmusic.com.

Tiny RuinsA mineral rich song, seductive in both pace and its compact melodic punch, ‘Out Of Phase’ is propelled by the interweaving lines of Fullbrook’s tumbling fingerpicked guitar work and Cass Basil’s hofner bass. It’s a unity which belies the track’s moody, questioning undercurrents – as Fullbrook puts it; Why do we fight, and where does it take us to? Where do phases of misalignment, seasons of unrest, leave us?

The follow-up to 2019’s celebrated Olympic Girls, Ceremony goes deep into all the old and murky mysteries of what it means to be human – and sometimes it nearly goes under. Yet these songs also show how you can find the strength to swim from the shipwreck, push through the silt, and surface into another new morning. Another new chance. Ceremony washes in and takes you out like a strong tide, its songs “chapters” of a saga set on the shores of Tāmaki Makaurau’s Manukau Harbour. Known to locals as “Old Murky,” its western fringe of the Waitākere Ranges are home to Fullbrook. And while the harbour itself is a treacherous and oft-polluted body of water, move to one of its many peaceful inlets and it’s all tidal flats, shellfish and birdlife. “It’s beautiful but also muddy, dirty and neglected. It’s a real meeting of nature and humanity,” says Fullbrook.

Although the things Fullbrook was struck by are annotated across Ceremony as luminously as a naturalist’s scrapbook, Ceremony is not a watercolour ramble through the natural world. These songs are not afraid of getting earth under the nails, of digging deep into some of the hardest matters of human existence. How do you move from loss and grief to acceptance and some kind of peace? How do you live knowing that you aresurrounded by forces far beyond your control?

Ceremony’s productions are maximal, deep, complex. No moment is squandered without a clever polyrhythm, a curious harmonic tension introduced, an unexpected timbre. The intuitive weave of instrumentation – from Alex Freer’s deft and inventive drumming and Cass Basil’s conversational bass lines to Tom Healy’s lightening-strikes of electric guitar – land Fullbrook’s hard songs in an blissfully warm bedrock of sound – steadied in a kind of musical trust fall.

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Tiny Ruins


A rare blend of eloquent lyrical craft and explorative musicianship, the songs of Tiny Ruins are etched into the memories of crowds and critics worldwide. Traversing influences that cross genre and era, the artistry of Hollie Fullbrook and her band spans delicate folk, lustrous dream pop and ebullient psychedelia. Building on the sparse arrangements and a novelist’s eye for detail cultivated over the past several years, the group’s greatly anticipated fourth album is out on Ba Da Bing RecordsMarathon Artists, Courtney Barnett’s label Milk! Records, and the band’s own imprint Ursa Minor in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Tiny RuinsCeremony Tracklisting: 

1. Dogs Dreaming
2. Daylight Savings
3. Diving & Soaring
4. In Light Of Everything
5. Out Of Phase
6. Dorothy Bay
7. Seafoam Green
8. Earthly Things
9. Dear Annie
10. Sounds Like
11. The Crab/Waterbaby

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