Traveller & Joshua Hedley – Tuning Fork October 15, 2017


The Southern Fork Americana Festival came to a rousing close last night with Traveller…Robert Ellis, Cory Chisel and Jonny Fritz…all well-known to Tuning Fork regulars…having a good ‘ol time on the stage together with their buddy Josh Hedley.

Forming something of a supergroup, Chisel, Fritz and Ellis, have gotten together, recorded an album titled Western Movies and are playing shows down under before bringing their new act to The States.

And while things are still a bit loose and not completely worked out…well, that didn’t matter, in fact it added to the fun.

Up first was another Tuning Fork regular, Nashville’s Joshua Hedley, who is doing some celebrating of his own after having just been signed to Jack White’s Third Man Records.

Josh’s album, Mr Jukebox is still a few months away, but we were treated to the title track, along with ten other tunes delivered in Hedley’s honky tonk style.

And speaking of style, Josh was looking good…wearing a ten gallon hat and a very sparkly suit that feature a huge gator across the back.

The best songs were the tearjerkers, including Jerry Lee Lewis’ Another Place, Another Time and his own I Don’t Want To Fight With You All Night, in which he was aided by the guitar stylings of Robert Ellis.

Traveller appeared relatively quickly after Josh’s set. The quintet was running on fumes after only getting about an hour’s sleep the previous night…they had just played a show in Australia.

Fritz, Ellis and Chisel weren’t to be outdone by Hedley…all sporting very snazzy gear.

In addition to the three frontmen, the band is filled out by bassist Geoffrey Mueller and drummer Tank Lisenbe.

Together they lit into the first song, Happy In Hindsight, taken from the new album.

The three vocalists traded verses and the harmonies fell into place naturally.

There was a bit of fluffing around between songs, but when they finally got around to playing and singing, the waiting was worth it.

In addition to tunes from Western Movies, they each performed songs from their solo careers, Jonny Fritz with Stadium Inn, Robert Ellis with Elephant and Cory Chisel with a beautiful Southern Arms.

It was a great way to wrap up the festival, a night out with old friends, singing new songs and everyone enjoying each other’s company.

Marty Duda

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Joshua Hedley set list:

  1. Counting On My Tears
  2. I’m Never Alone On The Road
  3. This Time
  4. If These Walls Could Talk
  5. I Love You
  6. Mr Jukebox
  7. Old Habits
  8. Another Place, Another Time
  9. Don’t Waste Your Tears
  10. Let’s Take A Vacation
  11. I Don’t Want To Fight With You All Night

Traveller set list:

  1. Happy In Hindsight
  2. Nobody Makes It Out
  3. Western Movies
  4. 15 Passenger Van
  5. Are You Thirsty
  6. Hero
  7. Chia Pet Goatee
  8. Stadium Inn
  9. Slow Down
  10. Elephant
  11. Hummingbird
  12. Get Me Out Of The South
  13. Southern Arms
  14. Sing Along