Valkyrie – Lights Go Down: New Song Of The Day

Valkyrie have released their edgy and empowering new single and video ‘Lights Go Down’ from their upcoming new album JOYRIDE.
Here’s the blurb with details:

Carried on a bed of crunchy guitars with a driving rhythm section, the simmering verses expand into a soaring chorus laced with hooks and lead guitar riffs. ‘Lights Go Down’ is a stadium ready hit; it exudes a fierce confidence, power, femininity and charm.

“We came up with the basic idea of this song probably about four years ago,” explains vocalist Omer. “We loved it but couldn’t think of a proper story for it so we let it sit for a few years. Then one night I imagined a beautiful stripper on stage doing exactly what she does to perfection, being completely hypnotic and I could see all these men around her in a trance and she knew without a shadow of a doubt that she had them in the palm of her hands. And it was game over for them all. That’s what I saw and I just fell in love with the idea of how sexy and how powerful women truly are then the story for the song came pretty easy after that.”

The single is the first from Valkyrie’s upcoming new album, JOYRIDE, set for release on Friday November 25.

Also out today is the accompanying video, created by award-winning filmmaker Shae Sterling. Filmed in the dusky town of Amargosa, Nevada USA, the video weaves between the story of an entangled renegade cowboy, ‘Billy’, and having the band playing and narrating their dark and addictive world in the Californian Desert.

“The video poetically shades your mind, and puts you into almost a movie frequency,” says Valkyrie’s Rebel Reid. “When you watch a blockbuster film, you leave your consciousness and reality. Shae has treated every viewer with his magic, and the heat of the desert can be felt throughout the video.”

“Without travelling 11,000kms, we could have never captured this epic storyline.”

Valkyrie is a four-piece pop/rock band formed in Auckland, New Zealand. Valkyrie is fronted by powerhouse lead singer Omer Gilroy (Nga Puhi, Ngai tahu) and electrifying guitarist Rebel Reid (Nga Puhi). On percussion is the talented Jesse Pakipaki, and on bass is the melodic Joshua DolanValkyrie crafts a wide range of escapist and original songs written about real life experiences. On stage they explode with raw energy, precision and audience participation.

Achievements include a nationwide tour, favorites at Splore Festival (3x), Soundsplash festival and opening for New Zealand’s biggest band Six60 (2021). Valkyrie’s debut EP went straight to the top of the NZ heatseekers chart. Their single ‘Good Thing’ has shot to over 2000 playlists.

Lights Go Down’ is an exciting taste of what’s to come, with Omer explaining: “This is a rocky, edgy Valkyrie that’s coming out. We’re playing with more of our wild side as Valkyrie. I think we’re over perfection; we just want to rock out and make music that feels freeing and a bit more wild.”

Listen to ‘Lights Go Down’ HERE and get set for the release of the album, JOYRIDE, on Friday November 25.

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