Voom – Everyone: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Cult indie rock band Voom’s new unifying single ‘Everyone‘ looks to the human condition and the deep attraction or yearning that is built into everything.

Here is the blurb with more:

Voom“I wrote this song after a dream about the Big Bang. I saw the whole universe exploding from a singularity in slow motion and all the particles were crying “Noooo!” with their hands out towards each other as they got torn apart. I woke up and realised every atom in the universe loves every other atom and wants to get back together. If you leave two rocks floating in space they will start moving towards each other. Humans are just complex versions of this and everyone has the same unquenched longing built in from birth till death. You never get rid of it. You might reduce it with love or spiritual connection so it doesn’t feel like you’re apart from everything else but it’s there until the universe runs its course and collapses together again. On the bright side that’s also the reason we exist and the driving force of all life. Of course it was only a dream. “ — Buzz Moller

At the end of this month, Voom are touring Aotearoa, alongside fellow Flying Nun artists, Reb Fountain and Vera Ellen. The triple headline tour kicks off in Christchurch at James Hay Theatre on Thursday, May 30th, followed by Errick’s in Dunedin on Friday, May 31s. Wellington’s Great Hall will host the next stop on Saturday, June 1st, followed by Auckland’s Powerstation on Sunday, June 2nd (Kings Birthday eve).

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Voom is lead vocalist and front person Buzz Moller, bass player Nick Buckton (AKA sidekicknick), guitarist Murray Fisher, and drummer Josh Sorenson.


“Beloved by multiple generations of Aotearoa indie
music fans…” 
— Chris Cudby, UTR, 2021

“There’s no denying [Buzz Moller’s] incredible
— Tony Stamp, RNZ, 2021