We Will Ride Fast – Born In The Heart Of The Universe: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

We Will Ride Fast (the musical iteration of multimedia artist Kyle Sattler) today releases a new single, Born in the Heart of the Universe.

Here is the blurb with more:

We Will Ride FastBorn In The Heart Of The Universe explores the idea that societies which worshipped the sun through myth and story were intimately more bound to the earth than their modern equivalents.

Sattler expands on this theory: “Our consciousness actively receive signals from the centre of the universe – a state of understanding that is often confirmed through the rites of shamanistic and indigenous religious traditions.” 

Sattler has also made a video for ‘Born in the Heart of the Universe’, inspired by daily journey of the Egyptian sun god Ra.

How people have described We Will Ride Fast:
“What Robocop’s band would be if he was allowed to express feelings”
“Genre-straddling style deploying fuzzy keys, pulsing new wavey electronics and often loping, goth-tinted grooves as an aural backdrop for Sattler’s philosophical lyrical musings”

Kyle Sattler, MA BFA, is a Tauranga based multi-disciplinary artist, musician and recording artist working and experimenting across a broad range of methodologies. He has made music videos too, such as Swallow The Rat’s ‘Terra Nullius’. He recently held an exhibition at the Audio Foundation titled ‘Anticipation From A Near Future’.

Sattler also masquerades as synth-punk solo artist We Will Ride Fast.

Born in the Heart of the Universe is the first of a series of singles.

We Will Ride Fast has been releasing music since 2015.

Army Of Invisible Zombies, LP/Digital, 2023
The Grinding, (single), Digital, 2021
Bulletproof, (single), Digital, 2021
Emotional Molecules, LP/Digital,2021
The Weeds (single), 2020
The Maelstrom, Lathe cut 12 Inch/Digital, 2019
We Will Ride Fast, CD/Digital 2015

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