Welly – Shopping: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

On their first official single, Shopping, Welly set out their blueprint for pop on a budget: Shopping collides passions ranging from the indie, suburban storytelling of Blur or the arch electronica of Pet Shop Boys to kitchen-sink maximalists like Girls Aloud, but is rooted in the deeply human need to always want more than you have.

Here’s the blurb with more…

WellyIntroducing Welly – your new favourite fun five-piece from Brighton!

Satirical, sincere and startlingly accomplished, ‘Shopping’ is as razor-sharp a send-up of modern consumerism as it is a rallying-cry against the slow death of the UK high street.

“‘Shopping’ is about the ‘grass is greener’ mentality – not just in products and tat, but in your surroundings. There’s such beauty to that Yuppie era, the feeling it would never end: now there’s these cathedrals to excess up and down the country, shopping centres and high streets left to rot. I find them so romantic. So people complain about their local areas being crap, but then they buy their stuff online and dodge their taxes. Which means all that’s left are vape emporiums and retail parks. It shouldn’t die, they shouldn’t knock these places down, it’s our history. My songs point the finger, but don’t wag it. It’s just going “‘Look! Isn’t this funny, everyone?” over a disco-punk beat.” – Welly

Welly“We got our school friend Harvey to come up and film [the video] whilst the band were with me in Glasgow recording the album, we did it in a day. It was nonstop. We bribed the security to keep the centre open for us after it had closed – that’s when we did the one take, on a whim. Just came out like that, the first take. We tried to do another, but it was nowhere near as good. Magic… So our story arc this time is of us being a jobbing band working at a supermarket, and on our lunch breaks we go to this quiet shopping centre to rehearse. I’m a crap manager who they don’t really respect. You see us flitter in and out of consciousness – at the start, it’s all dark lighting, quite cool, how we look in our heads, before we rip down the newspaper and it’s all painfully normal, curtain up, strip light glows, life moves on.” Welly 

FOR FANS OF: Yard Act | Pulp | Do Nothing | Shame | Blur | Wet Leg

WellyWelly – ‘Shopping’

Out now via The Vertex Music Ltd / Liberator Music