Win Daffodils Original Soundtrack On Vinyl!!

Record store day is just around the corner, so what better way to prepare than with some new vinyl.

The good folks at Warner Music NZ have made available a copy of the brand new soundtrack to the film Daffodils to some lucky 13th Floor visitor. The record is chock full of Kiwi classics such as Anchor Me, Counting The Beat, Not Given Lightly and Drive; newly recorded and performed by  Steph and Fen of LIPS along with the film’s stars  Rose McIver, George Mason and Kimbra.

If you’d like to own a copy of the album on the much-loved vinyl format, just be the ninth person to correctly provide us with the name of the song by LIPS that won the Silver Scroll Award in 2012.  Fill in the form below to enter…

The soundtrack to the highly anticipated NZ film DAFFODILS helps tell the heart-aching tale of a quintessential New Zealand marriage and features contemporary re-imaginings of iconic kiwi songs such as ‘Anchor Me’, ‘Not Given Lightly’, ‘Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!’, ‘Drive’, ‘Fall At Your Feet’ and more.

The soundtrack also features two original songs sung by two-time Grammy Award-winner Kimbra and written by LIPS who also scored the film.

One of the main reasons Kimbra was drawn to the film was, of course, the music. “I’m such an advocate of Kiwi music and there was something really special about paying tribute to these artists and bands that I grew up listening to. It’s like every one of these songs has a memory for me, in my New Zealand childhood.”

Steph and Fen of LIPS have worked with the project since it was a stage play that toured NZ twice with Steph featuring as ‘Maisie’, Kimbra’s role. Steph and Fen worked closely with Kimbra, Rose and George to weave the songs into the dialogue, creating re-imagined versions of classic NZ songs that represent the inner emotions of the characters.

The soundtrack was recorded in a studio, as well as on-set which meant Steph and Fen were on set with their instruments, hidden out of sight, playing their guide music into Rose and George’s earbuds so they could feel the songs ‘’in the moment’’ and have the option of using the vocals in the film itself.

Daffodils OST Track List:

1 Silent Treatment

2 Anchor Me

3 What The Hell

4 Counting The Beat

5 Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!

6 Drive

7 Bliss

8 Not Given Lightly

9 There Is No Depression In New Zealand / Jesus I Was Evil

10Fall At Your Feet

11 Language

12 I’ll Say Goodbye (Even Though I’m Blue)

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