Yon Loader – Tied Up In: New Song Of The Day

Yon Loader release Tied Up In, new music made in Christchurch, Auckland and Palmerston North.

Here’s the blurb with details:

Yon LoaderYon Loader is a new recording project developed over distance; drums in a studio in Palmerston North, vocals in a storage unit in Christchurch, cello in a bedroom in Auckland. Tied Up In is the group’s second single from their self-titled debut album.

The group is led by James Stuteley (of Carb on Carb) who composed the core of the songs before fleshing them out with help from his 6 rotating collaborators and key engineer and producer Harry Lilley. These collaborators (including members of Recitals, Welcomer, For Everest, Model Home, Fouler, First Move and Bad Friend) have taken James’ simple and candid compositions and built an album of big rock songs and poignant interludes (out July 2023).

Yon Loader

Will Roud, one of the two lead singers on the album, leads us through Tied Up In, reflecting on regrets but reconciling them against powerful positive memories. Cello from Recitals’ Olivia Grace Wilding takes over from Will for a verse, drawing the listener deeper into the song, before blowing out into a chorus of big guitars and climactic vocals.

Tied Up In is out today, from the self-titled album Yon Loader, out this winter.

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