13th Floor New Song Of The Day: Reiki – Miller

Let us introduce you to the smooth sounds of Reiki and his new single, Miller.

Hailing from Raglan, you may know Reiki from his work with Masaya. Here’s the record company blurb with details on his solo career:

Raglan’s newest solo artist, Reiki has released his debut single, summer surf anthem, ‘Miller’.

The lifestyle of the sleepy surf town of Raglan is reflected in the music of Reiki Ruawai, (also the lead singer of Masaya) bringing his free flowing style of surf and skate to his sound.

To complement the enjoyable simplicity of the song, a clever, zero budget, one camera video was shot at a local Raglan cafe.

With soulful lyrics, a voice that soars, the track flows perfectly over bass, drums creating a song that is pure vibes.

The theme at the forefront of the song is a sense of relaxation, or as Reiki puts it “It’s a fresh, new style of harmonising that soothes a stress head.”

Written and produced during lockdown with the help of Reiki’s dad, Brian Ruawai (Cornerstone Roots), it captures the feeling of wanting to get outside, enjoy the sun and all the moment’s summer has to offer.

“Miller is about how the summer days are over and we go into our dull winter moments but can’t wait until the summer is back around.”

Originally set to be an acoustic ballad, the idea was completely scrapped and kick and bass were added instead. Combined with a new generation of R&B and bass, this is a sound that is the essence of Raglan.

With a lot to come from this Raglan artist, there is clearly something in the water.