Fin Rah Zel – Unity: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Rising Taranaki band FIN RAH ZEL release feel-good single ‘UNITY’, an infectious pop-reggae track infused with their signature honeyed melody and soulful groove.

Here is the blurb with more:

Fin Rah ZelFresh off the back of their performances at WOMAD over the weekend, FIN RAH ZEL  drop an uber-relaxed gem of cheery optimism with ‘Unity’, a gentle mood-lifting reggae tune with an uplifting message of connection, love, and hope.

FIN RAH ZEL offer up their collective warm-hearted vibes with every tune they bring to life, and ‘Unity’ is no exception – a laid-back deliciously catchy track of rhythmic reggae delivered with heartfelt sincerity, and set to bring a shot of sunshine to your day.

The song grew organically from singer-songwriter Brian Norton’s easy acoustic strum and Codes Hoskin (keys) joining him on the Nord to breathe more life into the riff. The rest of the band quickly fell into step with Ben Payne (drums), and Chris Buhler (bass) adding an effortless warm groove, and Wakaia Tamehana (electric guitar), dropping in his ultra-smooth rich tones.

Promoting peace, love, and happiness is a paramount message with Norton, and with his warm, earnest voice and catchy collection of songs, his contagious feel-good mantra of positivity and hope makes you want to share the love and smile along with him.

Says Brian: “Lyrically, ‘Unity’ is about caring for fellow beings by inspiring people to look out for one another, and to go that extra step in showing someone that you care. The chorus says it all really, it’s a shared consciousness – ‘Unity, we’re passing on what we know; with open arms, the more we share the more we grow’ – we feel a deep connection with the spirit of that ethos and this song is a clear expression of that. Ultimately, it’s a message of connection, love, and hope.”

Fin Rah ZelThe good vibe of ‘Unity’ certainly circled back to the band with the ultimate message of connection in the form of  an invitation to perform at Taranaki’s best loved music festival WOMAD, which blew Brian and the band away: “A couple of weeks after we laid the demo down, we had the most incredible call ever, inviting us to play – and on the same day as Ziggy Marley! We were so stoked. Playing at WOMAD was an incredible experience, and to be able to share our music and message on a world class stage to a packed-out crowd was a dream come true. In fact, we couldn’t have hoped for a better opportunity to debut ‘Unity’ live. And then, meeting Ziggy was simply the icing on the cake – total serendipity!”, enthused Brian.

To record the track Fin Rah Zel teamed up with producer Jesse Jenkins and for the visuals, they turned to local photographer Thomas Busby who captured the stunning vista of the band performing with the backdrop of magnificent Taranaki Maunga silhouetted by the setting sun.

Not content to sit on their laurels, this young band continue to impress with their dedication to growing their catalogue of warm, heartfelt tunes and are dedicated to building up a solid live audience.

A smoothly melodic charmer, ‘Unity’ is destined to land on some of Spotify’s most popular playlists. Wrap your ears and hearts around this dreamy gem of a song and let its sweet melodies and honeyed riffs stir your soul with Fin Rah Zel’s unapologetically contagious optimism.

Listen out for more new music from Fin Rah Zel coming in 2024!


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