Lindi Ortega – Tuning Fork November 14, 2017


A year and a month after her first foray to the Tuning Fork, Canadian songstress Lindi Ortega returned to the Auckland venue.

It’s been a challenging 13 months for Ortega during which time she contemplated throwing in the towel and giving up on her musical career. That conflict was documented on her Til The Goin’ Gets Gone EP, released earlier this year.

Fortunately for us, Lindi has decided to stick with it and seems to be freshly inspired, with a new album in the works.

For this show Lindi brought along her long-time guitarist “Champagne” James Robertson, but left her drummer back home.

The result was a more stripped-down affair that last year’s show.

But what Lindi lost in volume, she made up for in connection with the audience, turning in a set that showed off both her impressive voice and songwriting skills.

Lindi performed songs from her last four albums along with the title track and Townes Van Zandt’s Waitin’ Round To Die from the EP.

Her 14 song set seemed to come to a close way too soon (always a good sign), and Ortega returned to play a request….Tin Star, the title track to her 2013 album…a finally, Ring Of Fire.

Opening the how was Kendall Elise, who performed solo. Kendall’s been playing a lot lately, and her performances are getting stronger and more assured. She was in top form last night.

Marty Duda

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Lindi Ortega set list:

  1. Dying Of Another Broken Heart
  2. Run-Down Neighborhood
  3. Angels
  4. Demons Don’t Get Me Down
  5. Faded Gloryville
  6. Ashes
  7. Run Amuck
  8. Blue Bird
  9. Waitin’ On My Luck To Change
  10. Waitin’ Round To Die
  11. Hard As This
  12. Til The Goin’ Gets Gone
  13. I Ain’t The Girl
  14. The Day You Die
  15. Tin Star
  16. Ring Of Fire