Model Home …And Nobody Made A Sound (Papaiti Records)

Model Home is a self-proclaimed “sad songs quartet” from Christchurch. Now that they released their debut album, they have every reason to cheer up.

…And Nobody Made A Sound was recorded in Auckland at Roundhead Studios with some assistance from sound engineer Steven Marr, but is mostly a self-written, self-produced affair.

Model HomeThe band consists of two brothers, Will and Thomas Roud (guitars and bass respectively), who were part of an early 2010’s Emo band called Coate.  Rounding out Model Home are drummer Sean James and vocalist/guitarist Rachael Norcross.

Its Rachael’s voice and vibe that set the tone of the 10 songs that make up the album that could be subtitled, “More Songs About Buildings and Cars”

Home Again V starts things off with a snap of the drums and slashing guitar chords. Yes, there’s still a touch of Emo in there, but this is pretty much straight-ahead, guitar-driven indie rock.

Three Squeezes Of The Hand is a propulsive rocker. “Wake me when we reach the coast” croons Rachael as they’ve been “driving for hours now”.

There’s more driving during New York Is Thataway, Man  and 1984 Ford Laser…enough to put a smile on the face of any Bruce Springsteen fan.

But make no mistake, Model Home have their own sound.  Guitarist Will Roud chimes in, trading verses on New York and Nokia Ringtone and his guitar does even more chiming on Midnight, Dragon Garden.

The album wraps with Leaky Home Simulator, a rousing rocker with a big finish.

Fortunately there are no leaks in this Model Home, just plenty of cool riffs, passionate vocals and catchy songs.

“You and I can travel anywhere, sings a winsome Rachael, “but we prefer to stay at home”….and listen to …And Nobody Made A Sound.

Marty Duda

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