Silk Cut – Silk Cut (Self) 13th Floor Album Review

Silk Cut release their second long player today. It’s an album that uses their bandmembers’ rich musical past as a way to move forward.

Silk CutBased in Auckland, Silk Cut was formed by Andrew Thorne ex Thorn, Splitter, and Calico Brothers along with Aidan Phillips (bass) and Jayden Lee (drums). Justin McLean joined the ranks just as their first album, Our Place In The Stars, was released last year.

Justin brings his own legacy in the form of The Roulettes and Bike.

With Andrew taking on the producer’s credit, this is still his band, but Justin’s influence cannot be denied.

Together the two guitarists/vocalists/songwriters have created an immensely listenable set of songs.

Songs like Heavenly Nova, The Transfer and Turning The Whole Word On are melodic, memorable and really, quite beautiful…pure pop for a new generation.

They band does show it roots by covering Old and Blue, a sweet bit of nineties rock written by the late, great Andrew Brough and recorded by Bike.

There’s plenty of Dunedin jangle in songs like Turning The Whole World On and Control Option Command, while the mood darkens on Chip Away At The Stone and the paranoia of Tom Toms.

Closing out the album is Dead Star…at over 7 minutes long, the band stretches away from power pop to something more “progressive” and part of that sound is a wonderful “Floydian” guitar solo. Dave (and Syd) would be proud.

Finally, we get The Professionals, a 1-minute coda that sounds to these ancient ears like the theme song from a long-lost 60s spy series.

So, kudos to all involved, including Olly Harmer and Dylan Storey who helped with the knob twirling. Silk Cut have made a record to help us get through winter and beyond.

Marty Duda

Silk Cut, the album is released today.  Available exclusively via their own website   or