They Might Be Giants – Book ‘Em! (Interview)

They Might Be Giants are due to release their new album, Book, tomorrow. Here is John Linnell to tell us about this ambitious project.

They Might Be GiantsThe 13th Floor’s Marty Duda spoke to John Linnell, who, along with John Flansburgh, is They Might Be Giants. Book is more than an album, its…wait for it…a book as well! That’s right you can cough up for the Deluxe Edition that features: a 144-page cloth-bound hardcover art book of They Might Be Giants’ lyrics set in concrete poetry by Paul Sahre on an early 70s IBM Selectric typewriter and the remarkable photography by Brian Karlsson. Limited They Might Be Giantsedition pressing of 15,000. Over 11,000 sold. Every book of BOOK includes an instant download and an indestructible compact disc. Both the fancy WAV format and the practical MP3 format will be available to you.


Or you can just listen to the music. That’s what Marty did, and then he spoke to John L. about making Book, about the band’s 40-year legacy and about that one special song that always gets the party started.