Welcome to The 13th Floor’s Uptown Lowdown Show!

What is Uptown Lowdown? It’s The 13th Floor’s brand new video programme made especially for you to keep you up to date on the concert reviews, new releases and interviews covered on The 13th Floor.

This pilot episode will give you a run down of concerts reviewed and photographed by our award-winning 13th Floor staff over the past week as well as previewing what to see this week.

Uptown LowdownJoin Marty and Jemilah as they discuss this past week’s top new album (guess what it is) as well as peeking in on two new releases to look forward to this Friday. Additionally you can catch interview segments with Middle Kids and Ashes Fallen and Jemilah weighs in on the new Lorde song.

All that and more on this maiden edition of The 13th Floor Uptown Lowdown, brought to you in part by The Uptown Business Association.