Miho’s Jazz Orchestra, The Nukes & Albi & The Wolves – The Tuning Fork March 11, 2018

Miho Wada and her Jazz Orchestra celebrated the release of their latest album, Accidental Journey at Auckland’s Tuning Fork last night along with a roomful of their closest friends including The Nukes and Albi & The Wolves.

With a mix of astonishing musicianship and unbounded enthusiasm Miho and her band spread the joy of music making throughout the venue.

Along with a sparkling stage presence and an irrepressible smile, Miho is one heck of a musician, playing flute and alto sax.

Her band, featuring husband Pascal Roggen on electric violin, guitarist Drew Hutchinson, bassist Sungjin Hong and drummer Jared Desvaux de Marigny are equally impressive, with Drew and Sungjin also playing tenor sax and trumpet respectively, while Pascal proved to be no slouch on the 5-string bass.

Along with playing tunes from the new album, Miho entertained the crowd with stories that ranged from the joyous…jamming with a Tui…to the harrowing…her close call in the hospital.

The music itself is almost indescribable. Yes, there is a strong jazz element, but also funk, rock, Latin, Eastern European and Japanese pop.

By the end of the night there were 9 musicians on stage including The Nukes and Albi & The Wolves.

Marty Duda

The 13th Floor’s Reuben Raj caught all the action:

Miho’s Jazz Orchestra set list:

  1. Not Scared
  2. Wondering Eyes
  3. Project 9
  4. Sleep Walker
  5. Tui Song
  6. Forgotten
  7. Fully Charged
  8. Boo
  9. Los Dos
  10. Ma-lkka
  11. Matt’s Funky Monkey


Marty Duda
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